Hi all,

School officially starts on Monday (25th) and I am not anywhere ready for this school year. Between having my classroom relocated to a new building with a smaller classroom area and very little storage, a new co-teacher, a new principal and the Olympics I am way behind in my planning or organization for that matter.

I teach at an international school in Beijing so the Olympics has not just been watching them live on television but actually watching the LIVE. I was at the pool when Michael Phelps won number 8.But that is beside the point. My problem right at the moment is I am still struggling with the best way to use my integrated technology classtime.

There are 2 periods a week. The first one is supposed to be taught by our IT support person but he struggles as he is not a teacher and only knows the basic software. He is open to suggestions of what to teach as our curriculum is very vague and weak when it comes to IT objectives. I need to know what to suggest to him. Any ideas.

The second period I have emarked for research strategies and learning. I run this period but am also, again, not sure where to begin with this sort of instruction.

On the plus side, I am quite tech saavy so that helps. If anyone has a curriculum,or websites or ideas that I can look at and borrow heavily from this year I would appreciate it.


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Take a look at "inspired classrooms", it is a great source for a new way to integrate technology and provide a "student-driven" learning environment. Also, www.becybersmart.org has some great lessons for digital citizenship.

As for technology curriculum, the NETS has recently released standards for technology (for students and teachers).



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