I got an email today that said that someon posted a new comment to my page. I am having a hard time finding it. Can someone help?

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Kathy, I just got an email saying "vivian" added a comment to my home page. When I clicked the link through, I found no new comment. Was your phantom comment from vivian, too?

I hope this is just a fluke, or a computer glitch, and not some sort of malware/viral scheme. I'm gonna report this to Steve Hargadon and hope he can figure it out.

I saw a message on the Ning Creators today about a Vivian being banned. When you ban someone all of the comments and postings of the bannee are deleted from Ning. She must have posted the comment and then was banned before you were able to read the comment.;
Thanks to both you and Steve for explaining the phenomenon!
DoonePlace is exactly right. Vivian posted a number of comments today and a couple of members alerted me that she was "spamming" them. I looked at her profile and quickly determined to "ban" her (Ning's terminology for removing a member). When you ban a member, it removes all of his or her content, and so that's why you couldn't find anything when you clicked through from the email notification.

I'm glad you asked the question!
Thanks...that clears up my mystery too



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