Google launches internet browser

Google's new web browser is called Chrome
Google is launching an open source web browser to compete with Internet Explorer and Firefox.

Link to BBC report:

Any thoughts? Classroom Usage?



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When it gets to Mac I'll test it out, thanks for sharing.
They are working on it...
Here is a great comic-book introduction to the new browser created by Scott McCloud:
Oh, here's the official, non-crashing link:

Well, the impact I think is bigger than just having another browser. It's the first salvo in creating the Web browser as the "operating system." While that may seem like just another tech trend, the end result is likely to be Internet devices which don't require significant hardware, since all of the applications are running on the Web. Potentially, this will reduce the physical cost of computing dramatically, allowing for much more use and far less maintenance.
I was reading different articles about Chrome. Since I speak more than one language I wanted to get some perspective from other users in other countries. I agree with you that the impact will bigger than just having another browser. In addition to speed, multi could change the way we use computing.
Great, news Chrome is now available in Beta for Mac!!!
Thanks, David. Will check it out
No problem, this might help break down the "Battle of the Browsers"
Check it out new browser for Mac similar to Chrome, called Stainless



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