I would like to use a book sharing site such as Shelfari, GoodReads or LibraryThing for teachers and students to share books, reviews and suggestions in support of a culture of reading at our school. This is for grades 9-12, and all students do have email. What site do you use? What site do you recommend, as far as features, ability to make groups and profiles private, showing book covers as well as lists, etc? What are some other options out there? Thanks!

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I've used Shelfari ONCE. It's fun but not the way to build a library of reviews, it has a world wide audience which can lead to corresponding with just about anyone! . Why don't you consider a blog-- where students and teachers post reviews. Here is one done by a homeschooled kid--it would be super easy to set up.
Hey Sarah,

i have tried to do the same thing.


it is easy to set up...the only problems are students email me the reviews and i'll then post them and the department block blogs. i have put in a request to unblock my site but still have no result from them....

if you have found any other ideas that would be great could you please pass on!

Chris Hadden
Your blog looks great, now how to get the district to unblock you? I say research blogs in education, write an opinion paper and send it to the top! I've been doing that in my large district and see things opening up more and more.
I know this doesn''t really answer your question but you may be interested in this site which an 8th grade girl couldn't wait to share with me yesterday. She LOVES it and discovered it on her own.
Hope you are doing well - great to see you online!

Say thanks to your student! I like the award winners section especially. But can also see how this can "connect" with a tweenage girl..... Great anytime to see someone excited about reading and especially if they are under 16!




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