Anyone using this? Can you share what ideas and projects you have used this for with students?

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Just change the size information. Make it 50% instead of 100% for example and change the height & width. That works just fine. We did this on our wiki with glogs we created.
This was very useful.. Thank you. Here's how I used it:
I had the opposite problem. I got it on my wiki but it was so small I could not read what was on the glog. I finally got it by adjusting the % at the bottom right of the screen. Try reducing the % to 50 or 30. This is a great tool but I found it hard to figure out. They need a better help section. I'd prefer a help index instead of FAQs. That takes too long. But I asked a student to try it and she had it up and published in about half an hour.
How do I change the embedding code? Do I change the html code myself?
Yes, if you need to change the sizing in the code, you will need to change the html code.
You know, I'm still having problems with this. Our kids created some great glogs during a poetry unit and I went to embed them into a page I created on Google sites and changed the sizing in the embed code and it embedded as the right size, but you could only see half of the glog. The idea for the unit was great, but the problems we had were horrible:
1) students logging in and finding out work they had done the day before was just gone, we couldn't explain it, Glogster couldn't explain it.
2) Or links went to wrong pages, even though the url was correct.
3) Or students logged to their accounts and found other pages from other students!
4) Or the student would click on the thumbnail of their glog to edit it and it would tell us the glog couldn't be found.
It took us an extra week to get everyone finished with this. All Glogster did was tell us that when a problem occurred take a screen shot of it and send it to them with the student's account information. Then I would receive an email or a phone call back, saying they didn't know what we were talking about because when they logged in, everything worked just fine. In a couple of occurrences they saw the problem, but said it was strange that was happening.

I think this is a great tool and I'm so glad so many have found it useful, but we've had so many problems using it in my building and I have so many teachers frustrated with it, that we've pretty much told teachers not to use it anymore. You also know it's a problem when the kids ask not to use it anymore. I know someone from Glogster will contact me as soon as I've published this, but I'm sick of the run around and being told that the problem is on our end. My techs and the county engineers have been out to look at any problems and I've been told by them the problem is the site. Glogster has made us believe that we are the only school experiencing these problems. Has anyone else EVER had any of these problems??
Their education initiative does seem interesting.
Currently glogster is blocked by our filter. I'm trying to get it approved, but when we allow "" the site comes up in text only mode. Is there another domain I need to allow to get the graphics?
I had the same issue until I pointed our tech people at Once they saw that edu.glogster was monitored by teachers, they were ok with it.
Here is a bunch of information I compiled about Glogster:

Dennis: it will be worth your while to unblock which is different than That doesn't answer why you are getting text only, but if you are going to put time into resolving it, you may as well focus on the edu part of the site.
We've set our filter to allow, but not allow just I'm still getting text only on the edu site. There must be something else that's getting blocked. Any ideas?
Do you have all the usual downloads: flash player, quicktime, shockwave, java...
Just a thought!




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