Anyone using this? Can you share what ideas and projects you have used this for with students?

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I heard back from Glogster regarding this issue and this is their reply:

Dear user,
The problem is that it is not possible to use "" when "" is blocked. We do not have EDU domain which leads only to the EDU portion and we are not planning on separating the two sites in the nearest future.

I think this kind of defeats the purpose of having an Education version so students don't have to access the public version, but I'll just have to go ahead and see if we can get "" unblocked too.

I wish they had something like ed.voicethread. Oh well....

I checked out your Glogster wiki - very useful. I've got a couple of blog posts that might also be useful for your readers:

I'm working with my school's government teacher to possibly use glogs as campaign posters for the mock presidential election he has at the end of the semester. Students will be able to include their stance on all the issues they're addressing while at the same time providing links to additional information, and they'll be able to embed their campaign videos into the glog. We're thinking about trying to put the glog onto a Facebook group, but we haven't tried that yet, so I'm not sure it's even possible.
I think Glogster has great potential. So far I only have made a learning poster for my students. I hope to have my students make their own, though.
Is there any restrictions on using with students under the age of 13?? I know that is a problem with so many web2.0 tools. I am getting ready to host a technology inservice day and would like to include glogster. But I don't want to show them and then they can't use it. I sure don't want a bunch of angry elementary teachers on my hands;-D
Here is a small part of their Terms of Use, look OK for kids under 13 but I would get written permission from parents before using it and posting any student work online. Here is the link to the Terms

Protection of Children's contact information
Glogster a.s. encourages teachers, parents and guardians to spend time online with their students and/or children. We urge teachers/parents to instruct their students/children to never give out their real names, addresses, or phone numbers without permission when using the Internet. We recognize the obligation to protect personal information obtained from children. In compliance with COPPA (the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act), we have adopted the following policies to keep kids safe (there are a few exceptions to these policies as noted below.

We have adopted the following policies to keep kids safe:

1.We will NOT knowingly collect, use, or distribute personally identifiable information from children under the age of 13 without prior verifiable consent from a teacher, parent or guardian.
2.Personally identifiable information we collect from children under the age of 13 will be used solely by Glogster a.s. or its agents for internal purposes only and will NOT be sold or otherwise distributed to third parties.
3.We will NOT knowingly allow children under the age of 13 access to chat rooms, message boards, email accounts, or other services within Glogster a.s. that would allow them to publicly post or otherwise distribute personally identifiable information without prior verifiable consent from a parent or guardian.
4.We will NOT knowingly ask a child under the age of 13 to divulge more information than is needed to participate in any activity, game, or service.
5.We will NOT knowingly keep any personally identifiable information that is inadvertently included in a child's email submission, help inquiry, or other one-time request, if we know that the child is under the age of 13. Information will be automatically purged or purged immediately after the issue has been resolved.
6.We will NOT knowingly post any personally identifiable information that is inadvertently included in a child's submission to a general audience contribution area if we know that the child is under the age of 13. These submissions will be deleted and handled anonymously thereafter.
7.We will NOT knowingly provide any direct link to websites that are unsuitable for children or teens.
8.We will advise children under the age of 13 that they MUST obtain permission from their parent or guardian before sharing ANY personal information.
9.Upon request, Glogster a.s. will provide a parent with a description of the information that may have been provided about their child during a registration process for a program or service of this site. Glogster a.s. only asks for a child's or teen's personal information if it is necessary to participate in the program or service.
If you have any questions about our Privacy Policy, please call Glogster a.s. at: 1-888-GLOGS4U.
Useful advice Nancy. Getting permission is never a bad thing to do in this day and age, but most of these rules apply to all web 2.0 sites. Teachers need to teach children how to use these tools safely, and not just to use them to enhance learning. From what I read on here, a lot of people are doing that, and that's great.

Jodie, if you need, or want a written tutorial on Glogster, you may want to check out this article I wrote recently on how to get started:
Jonathan--I teach about 60 kids a week from ten different schools. I teach gifted kids in a special ed program---I send a hefty packet to all parents at the beginning of the year including district's AUP, permission for student email, penpals, blogs, photo release and permission to publish student work. (Our district has a relatively new form that parents sign to allow their student's work to be displayed (in R and D forums, art shows, etc)

We also have started getting written permission to discuss through email a student with their own parent!

We never have any issues but if we do I will be prepared!! haha!!
Hi All - the age request is a left-over component of our main site's registration process. It is not meant to be for the students and will likely be re-phrased or removed in a near future change to the registration page on EDU. We have thousands of children using the site as young as 1st grade. Of course, always good to be safe and get permission too :). Glogster is yours!
We have used Glogster with our 6th and 7th graders for several projects including public service announcement posters about world hunger, book reflections, virtual trips, and responses to several types of student research.
Our students have all enjoyed them (even the boys who have selected Glogster from multiple project choices) and like the multimedia components more than the scrapbook stuff. We like the ability to add student-created video clips and to embed them into our wikis and blogs.
Using the education site is best to avoid inappropriate pics. Learning curve as mentioned before is quick. Here is a good slideshare that explains the app: .
I created 70 school accounts that our students share by using gmail to create a parent account and then the 70 subordinate accounts. (create and then,, etc) All email from Glogster goes into the master account and the student accounts are "dummy acoounts".this has worked very well.
Biggest limitation for our teachers are copyright issues. When widely distributed on the web Fair Use doesn't apply-so students must create or locate copyright-free media. This isn't always easy. We also wish we could download the completed posters.
So having a huge Glogster problem...anyone else run into this....Students click to edit the glog and it takes them to a preview instead of edit. Then we have to re-create the glog, because the student can't get back into edit. Also having problems with uploading images.
I haven't been aware of this. You might want to email glogster at . They are usually responsive and they are trying to improve their product for education. ( I fear they may be purchased and start charging a subscription fee as they have grown a bunch since we started using them)



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