Sometimes we just need an instant lesson! Where do you find yours?

As a computer teacher I am often met by a classroom teacher dropping her kids off for class by a statement similar to,"We are studying Rocks and Mnerals, so anything you can do in that area would be great!" as she turns slowly and walks away. So, now I keep all of the on-line lessons I have created for just such an emergency you can use them too by clicking here

I am also listing a few places I use when I need to find and use an instand lesson Web Currents

net trekker

Where do you find things you need fast?

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Wow, I'm envious, your teachers "turn and slowly walk away" mine actually vaporize into thin air. However, that is a nice list you have contributed. Thanks.
I know, isn't it hilarious? To think that we would actually have to PLAN for an activity in the lab? haha. Thanks for sharing these!

That's why we have each other-cause no one else get's it!
Hurrah for classroom 2.0. I am uploading my list of sites for the little ones and then I think I am all organized for a while. I just having both the wiki and this site to archive ideas so I don't forget or lose them
Amber's got a great wiki at that I reference all the time.
Thanks, Vicky!
You're welcome!

I have also started having the teachers give me their weekly newsletters so I know what they've been working on and most of them have what they will be working on on there too. I also get spelling lists for the week and put those into Spelling City. I'm trying to proactively avoid the last minute "can you do something on this" conversation. lol
That's a good idea (the newsletters). I'm meeting with our teachers on Thursday to determine the best way to find out what they will be working on so I can plan accordingly in the lab. Hope it goes well.



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