Hey all,

I recently installed a Smart Board (Interactive White Board) in my class. I am starting to figure out how to use it, but would like to know if anyone has experience with this technology and have good advise or words of wisdom to use it to its fullest potential.

Comments welcome.


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Hi Glen,
I got my SmartBoard last April and absolutely love it. I can't think of teaching without it now. It really holds the kids' attention. I teach high school and anything that keeps the kids' eyes up and on the content is a plus for me.

The best advice I can give you is to get to a training session. Our state (Indiana) has regional service centers for schools. They offer several SmartBoard training sessions throughout the year. Our librarian has all the information about these service centers. You might want to check with yours.

We were told that to use the SmartBoard effectively (i.e. more than just a glorified white board) you need around 20 hours of training. I don't know if that number is accurate but I do know the training matters. At the SmartBoard session I attended, there were 4 teachers from a school who have been using a SmartBoard for over a year. Throughout the day these teachers kept repeating, "I didn't know we could do that."

There are tutorials on the SmartBoard website http://smarttech.com/trainingcenter/LMS.asp

There are also SmartBoard podcasts in iTunes and some blogs that cater to using the SmartBoard.
These are the main websites that I visit for SmartBoard ideas.
(This one has a math emphasis but there is lots of good info there for all disciplines)

You can do a google search for "interactive whiteboard" and end up
with lots of blogs that give you other ideas.

Enjoy this new piece of technology. Even though I love mine, I will admit that it takes time to prepare good SmartBoard lessons. However, the lessons stick better in the students' brains so that's a definitely advantage.
Thank you for the info. Julie. I will be sure to visit those sites to see what I can learn. The only training that I recieved so far was a short, 2 hour, introduction. I am looking forward to digging deeper to learn new ways to use this technology. So far I am very impressed and am eager to lern more.

Again thanls for your help.
In addition to the previous comment, please check out the SMART Exchange, an online community of SMART Board users. I've been using a Board for 4 years, and still learn new things by reading the posts. You can join for free and then be able to post questions and download lesson activities. I use the SMART Exchange as a vital part of my PLN.
SMART Exemplary Educator
Thank you for the advice Lori, I will certainly search out SMART Exchange and see what it has to offer. What subject areas do you use the board the most. My subject area is Earth Science and I anticipate that the board will be very exciting for students and myself.



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