I created a blog,
Economic Sounds and Sights
, to share information regarding the events surrounding our current economic crisis.

My first goal was to gather information to support my own understanding. My second goal was to create a place to store digital media and related links that could be incorporated into a collaborative interactive multimedia time-line. As everyone now knows, the crisis has spiraled all around the globe, and even wisest of all economists do not understand the complexity.

Feel free to share the information on the blog with your students. I am not an economist. Although one of my undergraduate majors was Social Science, the economic landscape of the times was much different than what we are living through at the moment.

If your specialty relates to economics in any way, please contact me, as I'm looking for a few people who would like to contribute to the blog.

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Thanks! I'll include them in my upcoming post.
I wrote a little about this over at Fireside, starting with what now seems perhaps an ill named post: Democracy Works Again - Maybe I later added a bit under the better named head: America Will Remain the Superpower.

One other thing to remember: we Americans love to panic together. We lurch from crisis to crisis like a soap opera addict. Remember how fast we all said, 'Whatever it takes!' after 9/11, and how soon we said, 'that's too much!'? A better example is that every "top 100 of all time" list is primarily filled from the pat 4-5 years.

I love your look at timelines.
I'm becoming fond of the WSJ.

I liked your post. We are going through interesting times.



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