I need a program that will help me reduce picture sizes before I upload to them to my Moodle site. I have a Mac at home and a PC at school. Any tips for something that will do a batch conversion of photo sizes?

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On the Mac side I highly recommend ImageWell.

It's only $20 but very well-designed and extremely quick and efficient. I use it to compress large image files all the time.
I found this on the ImageWell site on batch processing:

Batch Image Processing

Use ImageWell to resize, watermark, and export an entire folder of images all at once. You can also apply a template that you've made to your images all at once. Simply drag and drop two or more images into the well and the batch window opens - allowing you to batch process multiple images.

Press the 'Send' button to send the images to your server, or select File->Save As.. to save the images to a folder on your computer.
Thanks, David. I'm planning on using a lot of images in Moodle. I think $20 is worth the price if it saves me a lot of time. I'll check into the program.
Picasa is a free download from Google and will let you compress or reduce size on a PC. Microsoft typically comes with a Picture program called Microsoft Picture manager that will let you compress them too. Right click, open with Microsoft Picture Manager. iPhoto on the Mac should do it.
Cathy, I thought that there was something for MS but I have not seen Picture Manager on my school computer. I'll have to look again to see if it is there. I know that iPhoto should be able to redo the photo size, but I don't like how iPhoto stores the copies of photos that have been enhanced, tweaked, cropped etc. Unless I'm wrong, it creates another copy of everything taking up HD space. Once I upload my pics to my Moodle course, I want to delete them from my computer. In addition, I don't know how iPhoto does a batch change. If I had no other choices, I would use it, but I think there are better choices. When I get back to school on Monday, I'll look for MS Picture Manager on my computer. I actually want something for both my Mac and PC. I do my Moodle creations at both locations.
In iphoto, got to share-->email-->and select small to send. it will give you a compressed small sized picture.
Thanks. I didn't remember that emailing pics from iPhoto compresses them.
I use PCs and really like using irfanview. It is a free download and we have it on all desktops at school. There are also some online converters, but irfanview allows you do a lot of manipulation as well.
Blue armidillo is a free download from Tech 4 learning. MS Ohoto editor allows you to do it on the options setting though. I use Blue armidillo when I want to reduce an entire folder for clay animation
I have used ThumbsUp to batch process images on a Mac - I used it on my old Mac on 10.3.9, but their site says the new version is optimised for 10.4 Universal. And it's free!

I use PhotoResize400.exe. Its just an icon on your desktop that you drag individual pictures or a folder of pictures over and it resizes and renames them. The cool thing is the number at the end of the icon tells it what size to resize to, so if you change it to PhotoResize800.exe it makes them 800 pixels wide instead of the default 400 pixels wide. Here's the link:

Wow Julie I am so glad you asked this today. There are some REALLY GREAT tips in here and I learned so much!!



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