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Hi teachers,

I'm a longtime teacher, Classroom 2.0 member, Ningophile and book lover.

As teachers we buy loads of books but should get deeper discounts, I believe. So I've started a Classroom 2.0 Bookstore that I hope to promote and get teachers using and creating their own selections. Our own, teacher driven bookstore would give several benefits.

1. The power of numbers. The higher our level of purchases, the bigger the savings will become.

2. Selection. It is hard to find the right book. If we band together and we have a number of people adding recommended books in different categories, we can have our own quick library of REALLY GOOD books recommended by teachers -- not those whose interest is just to sell. I have already spent hours making initial lists - a good start. Please take a look and see what you think!

3. Convenience (as noted above) plus online shopping is safe, reliable and quick.

4. Discussion. Networks can discuss books and reference quickly in the bookstore. It gets networks active -- book talk is great! It is the highest level of mental sparking!

5. $$$$ If teachers start using the bookstore and purchases are high enough, Classroom 2.0 gets commissions.

So please take a look, let me know what you think. I'm looking for several teacher volunteers who love books, to start some Recommended Categories (see my own one started). Please message me if interested, I need your help! It isn't hard to make the lists - just means you have to read through a discussion which recommends certain books and make a list of those books.

Thanks and let me know what you think and I welcome any ideas you have on promoting, sustaining this......

"ex libris veritas"

P.S. - I already have my own Bookstore for English as a foreign and second language students and teachers. They find it invaluable, mostly just for browsing and getting to know what is "good" - especially given this teaching profession has a lot of new teachers coming and going....

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