Smarttech to announce the Smarttable classroom surface device this week

My forst reaction was "Yay, another surface for Edusim" *lol*

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I like it! Do you have any idea about what these will cost?
It doesn't look like it's the same as a SMART Board however. It looks more like a pre-programmed set of manipulatives for primary activities. As soon as someone gets their hands on one, let us know!
It says in the press release this will cost $8,000. At 4 kids per table, it's going to run at least $50,000 per classroom.

I just don't get it. Why would you spend this kind of money for something that looks as functional as a $19.99 Leapfrog. Kids pushing puzzle pieces around? Poking at canned drill software?
I would expect teachers to use this more as a center.
Sure, that's possible, but still, the question is - why? Why not just buy a couple of Leapfrogs, some tangrams, and coloring books, put them in the back of the room, and spend the remaining $7,900 on something else?
If the 48 inch smartboard costs in the $1000 range, I wonder what this table can do that would make it worth 8 times as much?



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