A new kind of SmartBoard: Multi-User, Multi-Touch SMART Table for Education

I heard a rumor that SMART Technologies was planning to develop a SMART Table, and now I know the rumors are true. Below is a link to my blog post, with pictures, a video clip, press release information, and information for potential developers:

A new kind of SmartBoard: Multi-User, Multi-Touch SMART Table for E...

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This looks neat. A smartboard layed over as a table, wonder if Edusim works on it ike it does the Smartboard.
If you're in the Kentucky area and want to learn new ways to create hands-on lessons using the SMART Table for FREE from a SMART Certified trainer, you won't want to miss this: http://guest.cvent.com/EVENTS/Info/Summary.aspx?e=2d8621b0-d66e-4c2...
I recently saw and interacted with a SMART table at an ed-tech conference. It's definitely cool, but I think it would be difficult to utilize well in a regular classroom. Where I see the real benefit is in special ed classes. Especially the math programs, where several kids have to work together to place, for example, 23 fingers on the board to answer a math equation.
Dear Lynn,

In the near future, interactive computer surfaces technology will be incorporated into many flat surfaces. Lots of YouTubes on "Smart tables".

The conflict will be cost vs. utility. Initial product releases are expensive. The Smart table's price is around $7,000.00.
That is a big chunk of change,
As more companies move into the market with competing platforms, prices will decline.

Web 2.0 Squared
I can envision a classroom that has a "StarTrek" interface for the teachers and students alike. Each desk surface will be active, incorporating audio assistance for the child with impaired hearing.
The whiteboard will be an interactive LED panel, no projector, no bulbs. All images and displays will be coordinated or indiviualized as needed.
The internet network will be an education network, incorporating global educational content across the globe.
(England and RM Education are establishing a nationwide education network).

On another note, a recent article in "THE Journal" covered a new Web 2.0 clicker application (an eInstruction product). Works as a hosted application on the net. Every student needs a laptop, of course. No more clickers.

Technology evolves. companies innovate and compete. If the market is right, they win....If not, it falls by the wayside.
A type of "EdTech Natural Selection". Ha!
Make the price for the Smart Tabke $ 8,000.00.
Just looked it up on a "Discount" retailers website.
That is a lot of crayons and paper!
I think my school district got a nice discount for the SMARTTable, since we are piloting it. I think it was purchased with ARRA funds.
What a creative way to find funding for educational technology! Was the application process difficult? I looked at the staterecovery website and it looks as though there are still many opportunities to find funding for 2010, you just have to know where to look and then obviously apply.

One tech director told me that he took money from the paper, text book, and printing budgets to purchase technology because it would ultimately eliminate the need to purchase as many of these products. It's great to share these ideas.

Great interacting with you. Have a nice day!

If you are purchasing the SMART Table for the school, the current price is $6499.00, not including shipping.
In 1976, I bought a new Triumph TR-6 for $6,000.00.....

If I bought a Smart table, I would not have gotten all those speeding tickets!

Who Knew!

My school district is piloting 3 SMARTTables, and one of them is in one of my schools!

I'm working on an application for it with my colleagues. I'll keep you posted!
Thanks Lynn,

I am not a "Smart" dealer. I do enjoy observing the dynamics of EdTech products and their application.

I recently found a company that produces an "interactive globe". What a display!
Their market is targeted toward Museums or Planetariums . It provides a 3D representation of The Earth and of the other planets and moons. Atmosphere dynamics on a global scale. It has the "WOW" factor.
I cannot locate my link to their website. DUH! Sometimes I wear a nametag to go to bed.
The 3D globe sounds "out of this world!" - haha, no pun intended! Are there any videos available on how it works?

Have you ever tried using Google Earth on a SMART Board? It may provide a similar learning experience for your students, without purchasing more equipment. http://bit.ly/aPkOIG



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