Would like people to follow my student's Mobile Blogs on our journey through the Grampians National Park

Just thought I would see if anyone was interested in following my class as we make our way through the Grampians National Park here in Victoria Australia. The students will be using Mobile Blogging from their mobile phones and the audio recordings will be published directly to our class Blog which you can follow from http://vceoes.wordpress.com

If you would like to read more about how to set up mobile blogging you can find it at www.mrrobbo.wordpress.com

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Well, that's sounds WAYYYY COOOOL.
What a great activity! Just hope that you will be able to get mobile phone access whilst there.
He should be right if I've got it straight in my head where their base of operations will be. Jarrod, I've said it on skype, but I'll say it publically here too - this activity sounds awesome and I'm incredibly jealous! Will they be including pictures too?
Yeh the other part of the assignment is a flora identification treasure hunt that requires them to use their digital cameras. It is possible to setup cross posting of pictures to the blog but it requires email access from the mobiles which may be hard to do, it will certainly be somthing I look to add to the activity. However i would really like to include http://www.quillpill.com/ within it, even for my own reflections.
I think this is a wonderful activity. It is just that I live at Hawkesdale, partway between Warrnambool and the Grampians. We do not get mobile reception where we live so I was just intrigued. Did you get a grant for this, or how will you cover the cost of using mobile phones? If the worst comes to the worst you would be able to record their voices using the audio on the phone and then put them into the blogs as a podcast. Have you used utterli as that is another option for sending audio immediately to your blogs. All the best and I shall watch and see how you go. How did you hear about quillpill as it looks rather interesting. What other web2.0 tools have you found useful?
I THINK they're going to be using Utterli...is that right Jarrod? What's the cost like with utterli and I'd like to know how it's being covered too. I know a lot of my students have prepaid phones and aren't always cashed up for school things.

Would be cool to do the photo thing from the phones too - but can see how it may be an issue. With the plant identification stuff you could easily incorporate a voicethread too...
We are using Utterli to record our messages and at the moment it is about $1 a minute. The kids and staff are totally happy with this as its no different to them having to buy internet credit for their accounts at school, excpet in most cases the kids already have phone credit so their not doubling up. In terms of phone coverage, we will still be writing the responses and then phoning them in to Utterli when service is available. On return the students will be using all their images and audio to create their own voicethread that will be the basis for their final SAC.
Hi Anne,
When do you think we could get our illustrious ADVANCE/Bushwalking teacher doing this? It sounds fantastic!
regards, Britt Gow.



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