would like to set up a video conf partnership with spanish/french speaking students...how?

Hello all, my name is Casey and I am looking to take vid conf to an educational level. I am wondering if there are resources out there that would make this search easier...I have used epals (okay) and think.com (great for online classrooms I have) but there has to be others! any thoughts?

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Hi Casey,

Take a look at Wiziq's virtual classrom, it might meet your video conferencing needs.
I do a lot of VC and I have a couple of places that I go for collaboration.

My first stop is Center for Interactive Learning Communities http://www.cilc.org . Click on Content for Students and choose Collaborations.

I also use CAPspace http://projects.twice.cc/ . You may have to register before you can use the site, I am not sure.

Lastly, since you are looking at languages there is Global Gateway. http://www.globalgateway.org.uk/ This site lets you pick a country and then post your request. You can choose to collaborate with many different methods it is not limited to video conferencing.

I hope that helps. Let me know if you have any questions.
thank you very much for your input!! I will check them out. :-)
Do you have any recommendations for remote location teaching? That is, can you recommendation free or inexpensive software/hardware solution using desktop/laptop computers? Ideally, I'd like a solution that provides two-way audio-visual between locations, actually among multiple locations, so you could teach live classes to students in multiple locations.
Hi John,

If you havn't alredy looked I recommend you take a look at WiZiQ's virtual classroom. The basic service is free.
Hi Casey

I am not sure if this can help, but we do offer Spanish classes using video conferencing in New Zealand, and in fact have a network called the Virtual Learning Network (VLN), which brokers and supports learning via video conferencing around New Zealand. Currently we have over 1000 students enrolled in about 160 courses. These courses are mainly offered by teachers at schools around the country, but there are also course offered by tertiary institutions. You can visit the website at . We have not got into using Wiziq yet, but this is something we are investigating, however, we do use Adobe Connect as another synchronous tool to support distance learning. It is paid for by our Ministry of Education, so we get free access and can invite in participants.



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