My friend kev (also a 2.0er) and I have created over 50 activities that are outside the box and pretty interesting (creative line art, invitation to an event, recipe, myspace, etc.). What I really like about them is that they can be used for almost any unit or content area.

I teach social studies so many of these are currently worded for my subject, but they could easily be modified for science and language arts (sorry, but no so much for math). Teachers at my campus (not just social studies) have used many of them for great effect.

I just wanted to share these with everyone because students realy enjoy them and they are very useful to teachers as well. Feel free to download them

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Nice job, I bet your kids love you!
What an ingenious idea! What a way to go out of your four walls and "...answer the questions at the end of the chapter..."
Very nice stuff. As a history teacher I often feel stuck for ideas to make things a little livelier. I'll be borrowing a few of yours.
I've seen some really cool stuff done with primary sources and Web 2.0 tools. I saw a blog written by Harriett Tubman and one writen by a citizen of San Fransisco during the Earthquake. I've seen a ning done where all members were real people involved in the Civil Right Movement--the discussions were great. I've written about some nifty tools on my primary sources blog A Very Old Place, check it out if you'd like.
Wow, great resource, thanks!!
Thanks for sharing your site. I will most definitely share this with my staff.
Thank you for all the positive feedback. I am so glad others are finding use for these. If anyone has any ideas for other universal content assignments that are not on the site, please let me know as we are constantly adding to it. I just updated some instruction sheet flaws and added "Movie Madness" yesterday.
thanks for sharing your resources. Great ideas that can be adapted for teaching other subject areas. I was wondering what grade you originally designed these for, although I think that they can be adapted for many grade levels too.
MJ Page
I designed these for 7th and 8th grade.. But I agree, they could easily be adapted for other grade levels and subject areas by adjusting complexity and specificity.
Wow thanks for all the links. I think they are great assignments. I am going to use some of them. Thanks again. I teach ESL
Please consider adding them to this site:

Thanks for sharing your activities. I must say, you've done a great job organizing them. I work with our district computer teachers for grades 6,7,8 and this is a great resource for them to use with their students. Our lessons are here:




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