A teacher is looking to upgrade his elementary level school newspaper. Any applications out there that will do this well or easily? In the past the teacher has used Pages, but is now looking to see if there is anything superior. Thanks 2.0

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We do ours with Publisher and it always looks great, there is an online maker called Letterpop but it doesn't print. It was free when I tried it.
Thanks Nancy, I'll look into this!
I think that Scribus would be a very good and Open Source tool to do so.
Scribus Web Site
Digital may not be along the lines your thinking, but I and a group formerly from the Boston School System have developed a Flash-based, collaborative drag-and-drop web authoring environment that's being used from 3rd grade through graduate school. We're giving blocks of accounts to teachers with interesting ideas. It's possible to create and share partially completed screens, so that younger student wouldn't have to build from scratch. Take a look at some examples. We know of a high school digital literary magazine being built through our software but no elementary newspaper. Let me know if I can be of help.
Wow, I would love to take a look at your application. The examples are great and I love the use of primary sources. We've done tons of projects using primary sources and done tons of websites, you can see them here. Do you think your product would enhance our projects.

Will there be a fee?
You have done tons of projects and websites, Nancy!

To answer your question about whether our workBench software would be useful to you, take a look at our website (http://www.trintuition.com), perhaps a recent blog post (http://blog.trintuition.com/?p=143), maybe even some of our documentation (http://www.trintuition.com/tutorial/canvas). (I've stuck in the addresses so as not to dump you out of Classroom 2.0.)

Then if you decide that it would enhance your projects and have an idea you'd like to try, I'll give you as many accounts as you need for free to experiment with for as long as you like. We'd appreciate it if you would help us with some feedback and perhaps our highlighting your work in a post. My email is gwaz@ trintuition.com. Let me know what you think.
Thanks, I'll take a look!



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