The free and open source social networking software, Elgg, has just been updated to version 1.1.

I've been working with Elgg since August, and I've seen many improvements. It is now faster, more stable, and ready for deployment. A lot of new plugins have been released, greatly enhancing its functionality.

I've been working on configurations and customizations to enhance its utility in the K12 environment. I hope to have a package in the near future.

I have scores of blog posts about elgg, useful plugins, and discussion of its use in the K12 environment on my blog.

I'm very excited about this and would love to collaborate with others on its deployment in schools.

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I am so glad I found your blog Steve. You should create your own version of 'in plain English' how-to guide screencast for Elgg. Start with how to register/early steps, then mention some quick uses you have used with your staff/students.

Looking over your link quickly, it appears Elgg is more like a blog than I remembered. I must be confusing it with another web 2.0 app, because I could have sworn I used it to move files freely between folks.
Elgg has a file repository that makes sharing easy. It certainly has blog elements. The core Elgg is really just an engine that can be extended with a variety of plugins to do a variety of things. It has blogs, groups, social bookmarks, rss readers, and more. In fact yesterday, the developers released a "twitter' style extension for it.

Interesting idea about screencasts. Thanks!
Just developed a plugin for Elgg that keeps all content password protected as is required by many school policies because of the unmoderated environment.

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Thanks for your post on Elgg. I have been on the fence. We currently use NING and the IT department wants to block it because of inappropriate Ning sites that can be search. Is the Elgg site similar to ning services?
hi steve, we are experimenting with it here at The School at Columbia University..last year we used the 0.8 version and this year 0.92? my concern is that w can't figure out how to take the content from 0.8 system up to our 0.92 version?so we started again.....any ideas about this...? and now that 1.1 is available am not sure if i can bring people to move to it and once more abandon their content......any ideas on this?....don buckley, director of communications technology at the school..



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