I thought it might be fun to do some kind of meet-up at NECC for members of Classroom 2.0. NECC is going to have a "bloggers cafe" area at the show--would it make sense to pick a time (or a couple of times) when people might just gather for a short time to say hi?

(Also: should make another plug for our free, all-day "unconference" called EduBloggerCon 2007, the Saturday before NECC in Atlanta. More information at www.EduBloggerCon.com.)

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There's an idea! We could meet by a particular landmark at a particular time at the Aquarium.

Then if we bumped into each other the rest of the conference, we'd recognize each other.

Maybe we could have some stickers to put on our badges that say "ning" or "classroom 2.0".

I love conferences where they have identifying tags like that so you can tell who you might already "know" from online.
This is a good idea - perhaps we could pick up the "tags" at the Open Source Pavilion. The schedule is getting so full that I don't know if we will find a convenient time to meet - the aquarium might be a good idea. Or, Steve - pick a time and place and as many as possible will be there.
Think we need a "Classroom 2.0" button that people could pick up and wear, that way being able to identify each other during the conference?
I would wear it. It's a great way to connect.
This sounds great. I'll be there.
I would love to get together at NECC.
Buttons are fine, as long as Steve still has to wear the funny hat.

That's just not fair. I spent about 15 minutes today (all I had!) trying to sketch a logo for Classroom 2.0 that would fit on a button, and I wasn't happy with anything. Ugh, I hate that. I do think a button would be fun as an identifier, and I also think other people would ask, "What's Classroom 2.0?"
How about a button that says: "What's Classroom 2.0?"
If I were better with GIMP, I could get rid of the text around the circle, but just imagine it's not there.

I'm glad you like it. I will have to get it to higher resolution, though, before someone like you cleans it up so that it will print OK. I'll work on that.

Thanks, Diane. :)
Looks like Wikispaces is going to sponsor the buttons! Hurrah. Should make things very fun.



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