I thought it might be fun to do some kind of meet-up at NECC for members of Classroom 2.0. NECC is going to have a "bloggers cafe" area at the show--would it make sense to pick a time (or a couple of times) when people might just gather for a short time to say hi?

(Also: should make another plug for our free, all-day "unconference" called EduBloggerCon 2007, the Saturday before NECC in Atlanta. More information at www.EduBloggerCon.com.)

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If we're getting Steve into a funny hat, I think something that properly embodies some geek chic would be appropriate :)

Looking forward to seeing you all there!


I have my dignity to think about, Bill...
I think a Classroom 2.0 meeting is a great idea, as are some buttons. I second the motion for a Monday or Tuesday night meeting as Sunday many are still going to be arriving and any later and some will be leaving.
Well if we're REALLY getting fancy, why not go for shirts? I know we wouldn't want to wear them every day, but we could all wear them on, say, Tuesday. Check out www.spreadshirt.com (another of my favorite web 2.0 tools) . I suggest our avatar and name on the front like this:

And the header bar with members highlighted on the back like this:

But I've never been one for going 1/2 way on anything. Maybe a button would be better.... :)
I think that would be overall easier than trying to designate one time and place for everyone to meet since there's SO much to do at the conference!
However we are going to do this...it is worth doing...the conference is all about making connections! I like the buttons! So when and where folks! ( I like the shirt too but my avatar is from 2nd life and still has green hair and I do not know how to fix it....)
Mine is from www.weeworld.com. You could visit and create a new one. It doesn't take long at all and is yet another 2.0 app.

But mostly I was thinking of our avatar as the picture we use here so I can find people and immediately identify them with their posts. Maybe I need to improve my vocab?
OK, so we are going to make some buttons, courtesy of Wikispaces. What if we recommended that people print out their picture/avatar and hang it from their Classroom 2.0 button?
Steve, if you want to leave some buttons at our booth in the exhibit hall, we can do that too.
I just looked at the Birds of a Feather sessions I am helping to facilitate, and I had forgotten that the one on Tuesday might be the perfect place / time for people to meet up.

It's called: "Free, Open Source, and Web 2.0 Software for the Classroom." I don't think they have assigned rooms yet for the BOF sessions, but I am going to recommend that if Classroom 2.0 folks want to gather, this would be a great opportunity.



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