We have recently discovered Jing. (http://www.jingproject.com/) We are just learning how to use it, and what its cabable of. If anyone has used this, we would love your feed back on it.

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I found Jing about a month ago. Still learning but I really like it. I am using it to create tutorials for my teachers. Things like "How to add a new page to your district website" etc.

Would love to hear how everyone else is using it.
As hard as this might be to believe, Classroom 2.0 is built on jing.
How so? We are going to review it and add it as a Web 2.0 tool to our schools 21st Century Learning Wiki.

An art teacher at our school is going to use it for video/audio podcasts that she will use in her Computer Art Course.
Is it not built on Ning rather than Jing?

About screencasting tools, I am using Wink which is also free & easy to use.

Here is the link: http://www.debugmode.com/wink

It allows to remove parts of your recording, to add audio or written comments.

Wink is not web-based...that's tough on schools were computers and servers are already maxed out.
I have used Jing on a few occasions and found it helpful for all those annoying "how to" questions. By setting it up once on looking for an Email addresses for instance set and just pass along the link that goes along with the web site.
Jing is useful, but it still had its bugs that aren't easy to workout.
I also have been using Jing in the class for tutorials for some of my kids, I created a series of iMovie Lessons on a Google Site. The only problem I had was that my kids quickly used up my 2 gig bandwith. So I bought 200 gigs for 10.00 a month.

I personally love it.
I've been using my bamboo tablet with jing video to create math notes for my students. They watch them at home and then we do practice in class the next day. We cover any questions they had and review highlights and then practice. This allows students to assess their own knowledge and decide which task they are ready to complete that day. I have several levels of activities students can choose from after we've covered notes.
I too have used my Bamboo Tablet along with my mimio board to create "How To" videos and post them on Angel. I find this comes in handy for those students who say, "I couldn't do my homework because I didn't get it... or I forgot how to do it." By posting these examples of how to balance an equation, write a nuclear equation, calculate a half-life, etc. it is like having their own personal teacher at home!
I've just found Jing ... but what is the Bamboo Tablet you're talking about?
I LOVE Jing! As of now I use it for how-to's. I plan on using it for assessment, have the students complete a math problem (using bamboo tablet), Then I can grade/critique the problem.

I also would like to have the students record their presentations using Jing.

Those are some of my ideas!



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