I'm interested in learning a little more about how teachers think about technology. If any teachers are willing to answer these questions I'd be grateful.

What questions do you ask yourself in deciding how to use technology?

What kinds of choices do you make when using technology in their classroom?

If teachers who use technology a lot could give one bit of advice to teachers new to technology what advice would you give?

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I would first ask myself, what type of technology do I have available, such as software or interent access. I would also ask how many computers do I have available and how can I group kids when using them. Next I would ask myself what I would do if the technology failed (have a back up plan). Is it going to keep the student engaged and is there a way to moniter the activity.

Be persistent. Continue to try new technology tools and explore ways to incorporate them into the classroom. Children need to be explosed to changing technology and they need to be given the opportunity to learn how to adapt to new technology. You can even be an example to them by telling them you are trying new technology and are learning how to use different software and tools.



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