Which Social Bookmarking sites allow for grouping of bookmarks
into Folders or Categories or Groups? (Not tags)
One we found is "BuddyMarks".
Any more?

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The site the I know for sure that allows for folders is IKeepBookmarks. Again, I'd chime in about why you wouldn't want tags instead of folders? I used to have myself "foldered-to-death," but now with tags, I can get to what I'm looking for faster!

Hope that helps!

I agree on the power of tags. It's an amazingly simple concept with powerful implications.
Another fairly new social bookmarking site popped up in my del.icio.us subscriptions today. http://buzka.com. To see how it differs from the others just click here to view a quick collection I made.

Favourites in Buzka are collected in files which are called "spots"
When posting the favorite it is possible to add a description and/or tags
You can keep your "spots" private or share them

Now here's a great feature, let's say you are away from your own computer or simply haven't added the Buzka button to your browser toolbar all you need to do to bring up the buzka posting window is to add
buzka.com/ in the address box before the URL that you wish to save:

When the dialogue box pops up you choose in which "spot" you want to save the URL

Next feature - which some will like and others will hate
(Personally I can see some great uses for this particular feature.)

A Buzka Spot opens in frames so that in the left frame you see the list of different sites available in the spot and in the right frame you see the actual sites - whichever site you click on will come up in the frame.

Visitors to the spot can leave comments and send the URL to friends.
This looked interesting but I couldn't figure out if there was an RSS feed for the buzka I set up.
I looked and couldn't find a feed either - so searched google for a solution,

On Robin Goods blog, found a post including 3 sites for creating RSS feeds from any web site. Here is the RSS feed for 1 of my spots that I set up in seconds on Feed43.com http://iteachr.buzka.com/EFL_elementary/rss
OK, I'm trying to do this but get hung up on step 2, "Step 2. Define extraction rules." What do I do there?!
Ignore it!
I ignore it and still get this error when trying to add it to Bloglines:

"There is a problem with the database. Please try again later
No feeds were found. Please verify that the website publishes an RSS feed."
OK, I watched this 4 times and looked with a magnfying glass at the resulting goobly-gook and could find no url with an rss at the end to copy in a new window browser.

Maybe I need to move on. . . .
Hi Gordon, if you feel like giving it another go, the guys at buzka claim that in order to get an rss feed all you have to do is add /rss to the end of the spot URL eg: http://iteachr.buzka.com/EFL_elementary/rss

It works in my google reader and in the rss feed widget on Ning AND in bloglines

I use www.ikeepbookmarks.com and have an account for school which is available to those I point there...
www.ikeepbookmarks.com/HartfordGAP (my school and program, Gifted Academic Program)

Enjoy my saved links. Please let me know if these were helpful!



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