Out of the wiki sites available on Internet, which sites have more features to edit online documents such as tables, graphs, charts, images
video clips, to open RTF / HTML files, etc.

- Seshagiri

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Hi -

I am not a wiki expert by any means, but I use Wikispaces with my students and it's worked well for us. Wikispaces allows one to embed video clips from Google Video and similar services, upload images, maintain RSS feeds etc. I also have used the embed feature with Google Calendar to embed a calendar in a wikispaces page. I have not used it in conjunction with services such as Google Docs and Spreadsheets, but I supposed I'd just add a link in a wikispaces page to documents if I needed to access online documents.

Hope this helps,

I use Wikispaces too, its excellent. When I first got the idea of looking at using a Wiki with my students I searhed the internet a lot and Wikispaces was the best one.
I use pbwiki. One of the pitfalls I've found using wikis is that numerous folks can not edit them simultaneously - whereas with google docs numerous folks can edit documents at the same time. Also, I prefer google docs b/c you can see past "versions" of the document whereas on the wiki once its changed I don't think it archives (but I could be wrong)
you are wrong, wikis do archive. Just look at the history link, and you can roll back to any previous edit that you wish.
I use Wikispaces and think that it is very user friendly, which for me is very important. I've also used it with students who have not had problems with it. Alternatively, I've spent a little bit of time on PBWiki and have not found it user friendly at all. I know a few of my colleagues agree that Wikispaces is much easier to use.
wetpaint is not a bad choice .. http://wetpaint.com
hello friends,

i have to write a wiki project in group on a subject. i am quite green to it, actually. could you please give me any ideas or direct me to some how-to resources for it? my email is lifelong.edu.seeker@gmail.com.

Wikispaces is an excellent resource, as many people above have mentioned. It sounds like google docs is the only way to go to collaborate on charts/graphs etc. though. Good luck!



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