In The Week magazine there's an article about how researchers at Mayo Clinic have developed a "vertical workstation" so that computer users can be walking on a treadmill while engaged in their work. Would you like to have one of these?

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I think it would a cool place to work for an hour or so if you're using a laptop. Of course, it doesn't sound like it would make sense for a teacher. How about you? Actually, I checked out this thread because I thought you were selling them or had a link to a seller. No?
No, I don't peddle vertical workstations. Or is that "pedal"? I like Skip's idea better than Mayo Clinic's.

Personally, I like the idea of getting exercise while using the computer. On long days of sitting, I have to jog twice as much just to get my body to feel normal again. Sitting too long just ain't good.

I'd like one for class. But then the kids would usurp the station and I'd be left with nothing.
I think many of us spend too much time on the computer including myself so I wouldn't be interested. I probably spend 2 hours total during a 24 hour period. I can't wait until the day we can plug a usb port into our brains and program our dreams. Now that is something I would be interested in. Do you have a link because I'm really not understanding how you can manipulate a computer while on a treadmill. I know that there are computers you can interface with using your eyes...
Hi Frank,
Here's an earlier link; this is about an active office design. The Week magazine, where I saw the article, doesn't have it archived yet. (I have an old-fashioned paper version of the magazine.)
I find it funny that the Mayo clinic had to develop this- it's just a matter of having a high enough desk (or one convertible enough that you can raise or lower it). Some have already done it:

I'd love to see the Mayo clinics design, though...

I myself wouldn't want it. I don't think the movement would be conducive to using the computer. Although- I'm waiting for someone to hook a treadmill up to a computer for World of Warcraft- users have to walk/run virtual miles in that game, it'd be fantastic if they actually had to move to get places.
Connie: I guess the Mayo clinic wants to provide activity for those of us who work in offices and sit all day long. As a teacher I'm costantly moving but I did have an office job years back and I did wish I could get more exercise. I'm not sure if I would want my desk to transform into a threadmill but it would be great if the "company" gave its employees time during the day to workout. It wouldn't be free time so you would have to either work or take the time to workout. Just think of the increase in mental alertness and how energy levels would soar with a fit crew at the helm. It sounds like the Mayo clinic may be taking it too far but I wouldn't dismiss it until I knew more.



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