I am in the early stages of preparing my thesis proposal. The topic is Podcasting and Global Awareness. In the fall my students will be collaborating with a school in Columbia, South America. Right now I am looking for any thoughts, info., or literature that any of you know out there covering this topic specifically or generally. I am looking for anything that might help in any way at this point. What are some things for me to look at? What are some things that I shouldn't forget? Anyone have experience in doing a project like this between 2 countries? I am open to all ideas and suggestions! Thanks in advance.

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Off the cuff suggestions:

talk to < href="http://remoteaccess.typepad.com">clarence fisher (http://remoteaccess.typepad.com)

there's not going to be a lot of "research literature" on podcasting ... the publication cycle is too long and the technology is too new, altho you might find something at Innovate

hit up bee dieu (here in the the community) and make her talk to ya :) (you're welcome, bee)

The toughest part for my PhD proposal was refining the gross subject down to something I could actually study. You might run into a similar issue. Questions it raises in my mind are:
- What kind of podcasting?
- What about Global Awareness?

Thanks for this post!
Because this is in the early stages I am still tossing around which path to travel with it. My plan is to collaborate on podcasts for 1 semester (at least) with the school in Columbia. My professor set this up for me because he knows the director of a PanAm school there. During the podcats we would be exchnaging thoughts and info. on our community as we know it and hopefully we'll learn something about each other. My hope is that my students will see that, although we are worlds apart geographically, we are very similar in a lot of ways. I've been searching for literature to review and you're right...there really isn't any. I knew that going into this. Thanks for the tips. I will follow up on those. I'll keep you posted as I refine my topic a bit. Thanks again.
This sounds like a great project. How did you find the school? Are there common goals of the project? This may help you define what you want to look for, etc.
My prof knows the director of the PanAm school. The path I am hoping to have the students travel down would be sharing of one's community, culture, likes, and dislikes. (That type of thing) I also think that I will need to wait and see what happens because I may have one path in mind and the kids may choose a different road that I hadn't considered, so I want to be slightly flexible in that respect. There is also a possibilty that my prof and I may travel to Columbia for professional development, (me working with those students directly. But, here's my thought: If I want to do my thesis with the thought in mind that someone may want to recreate this some other time, shouldn't I do my professional development using web 2.0 tools that would be available to most anyone? Not all people may have the means to actually travel to another country to prepare the group and train them.
I'm in the same phasis in my Master Degree Thesis in Brazil. My provisory title is : Podcast on initial and professional formation of Pedagogue - Action-Research.
The range of your research is very wide and ambicious... I'm work only in Education and still very big!

In spanish I like the Olallo Rubios´s podcast, I found that in iTunes. http://www.rockanroll.com.mx/podcasts/olallofeed.xml
in El Centro de Estudios en CIencias de la Comunicación - www.cecc.edu.mx

He has a "attitude".

If I found more, I'll send for you!
Sorry my poor english!
Your English is better than my Portuguese. Trust me on that. :)
Easy for you!

Estoy comenzando a buscar lecturas para comenzar la tesis. Me gustaría hacerla sobre Podcast. Me gustaría que me dijeras tu opinión sobre :

En mi escuela ofrecen Frances a estudiantes de 5to y 6to de escuela elemental. La clase se reune una vez al ciclo. El ciclo tiene 7 diás. Es muy poco. Así que podría hacer un blog y diseñar Podcast con la ayuda de la maestra de Francés. Sólo los estudiantes de X grupo tendrían acceso al Blog . También podrían bajar los podcast en sus iPods. Así que la herramienta movible ayudaría a incrementar el interés de los estudiantes por la clase. Podrían practicar más el idioma según las necesidades del curso. El otro grupo Y sólo recibiría la clase de francés un día al ciclo. A los estudiantes se evaluaría con trabajos orales que grabarían y con pruebas cortas en un periodo de 6 meses. Se probaría el aprovechamiento de ambos grupos para ver si hay diferencia en los mismos. Que tal? Lo que se me hace díficil es redactar la pregunta de la investigación.
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Thanks! Peggy Sheehy
Cool idea!



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