Hi all,

I realize that Moodle is open source and can be free; however, my director of technology prefers to out source Moodle hosting to ensure 24/7 connectivity (something that is often difficult to do in a school setting without 24/7 employees). I have selected two possibilities and would appreciate any feedback, comments, etc. . . .

We would start with their 500 Standard Plan
Learners- 500
Total Disk Space - 2.44 GB
Total Monthly Bandwidth - 48.83 GB
Annual Cost - $500

PLAN #2 - Remote-Learner
500MB storage
15GB monthly bandwidth
1 Teacher/Trainer Help Desk Support account
Nightly backups
Custom graphic for Moodle front page
$595 annual
$50 setup
Price: $645.00

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

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Many general hosting sites have Moodle as part of their Fantastico script library. Basically, a few clicks and it automatically installs Moodle.

We went with the mass hosting company lunarpages. They're cheap - around $100 a year for hosting and domain name (plus, if you email them and tell them you're a school, they'll give you space and a domain for free). The benefit is that Fantastico has a number of scripts you can install (like wordpress, calendar, form creation, etc.).

Of course, you don't necessarily get the support like many of companies mentioned here. Still, lunarpages provided a cheap, easy, and simple way to run Moodle and try other open source applications.
We're using GoDaddy.com. I think it's quite a bit cheaper than the groups mentioned in the lead post. They don't offer a lot of Moodle support but you don't really need it.
This might be helpful to others.

I just put moodle on our institute's server. I'm pretty computer illiterate but I managed. Now I have to customize it. I used this tutorial, very easy and user friendlyChris did a great job on this and it is idiot proof. I even could follow while uploading the newer , latest version.

Now more work on it.....

For someone who is illiterate, you did an excellent job. Can you add the URL of the tutorial you used?

Thank you.
Hi Deb,
I have been using Moodle with all of my high school classes for 3 years and paying only for the domain name, getting 24/7 tech support and enjoying teaching. I use afmu free hosting.

You may contact me for further information.
I just went to a Moodlerooms training at the company seemed very good. The question that came to my mind that could not be answered is all these educators are posting content. Many people are teaching the same or similar content. Does a bank of all these classes exist somewhere so people getting started with Moodle can have an awesome library to start from and then contribute to? Kind of like a Moodle wikipedia. It seems a shame that the content is a teacher and a class. I know this is more of a Moodle part two question, but it seems like this would be valuable to know for everyone here.
Hi Lisa,

That would be a great idea except for one thing; not everyone wants to share for free. Here are all the registered Moodle sites.

For someone who is illiterate, you did an excellent job. Can you add the URL of the tutorial you used?

Thank you.

You have to register or you can't access the url. Just a short registration and then the tutorial is inside. But really and truly, I just did everything exactly as Chris mentions and bingo....now getting my staff/colleagues to use it is another thing!! Ugh....this reluctance is so frustrating........ http://eflclassroom.com/moodle


PS. you are right about the sharing and it hampers great ideas and education in general . I don't know where this cult of "grandma's recipe" comes from but it should be the focus of web 2.0 yet isn't......(along with connecting classrooms and exposing our youth to all the wonderful diversity of life out there).
But I bet there are a lot of people who do and would if they could...i.e. if a place existed for this. People liked to charge for encyclopedias...then came wikipedia. I think that many, many educators do want to share for free, but there's no place. Wonder who out there has the skills to build the place.
I just did it: Share Your Moodle
You've touched on an important issue, how do we share all of this great content created in Moodle. We know it's easy to use and transfer, how do we set up a mechanism so it can be shared. I've been working with teachers in Vermont recently to help them share their Moodle courses. The best way we've been able to do so is by zipping up the courses and posting them on a site that's already used.

Here's an open question, that could probably be it's own thread: how would a site designed to share Moodle content be designed for maximum effectiveness? I would argue that the content sharing should be connected to free hosting (to level the playing field completely for those users who are able to get on the web), otherwise it's just content displayed (still a benefit, but actually getting the class and using it would be so much more helpful). Also, it would be good for content developers to have an easy way to 'tag' or 'sign' their content with whatever Creative Commons license/designation they wanted.

What else would the site have? We're working on one that will have free access and no ads, having this information documented here (for me or anyone else to view) can't hurt.

I think a good place to have such discussions in on a Moodle site or on a wiki or both. What do you think?




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