I have really enjoyed my experience with all of you on Classroom 2.0, and I thought I would push myself further in my thinking by using the platform to organize my resources for a graduate class I will be teaching a number of times this summer. I will be working with teachers at all levels of tech experience, but my guess is that none of them will have used anything like this. Do any of you in my Classroom 2.0 network have any bits of wisdom to share? Here is what I have used in the past, a simple website.This is what I created in a very short time, more coming as I prep for the start of class.

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What a great idea ! I am soooo new to ning, which - from what I understand, is similar to my space. I teach 8th graders and I hear about my space all the time. After working all day, working out, and then attending my two little one's at home, there is no time for my space...therefore, this is all new to me.

I am in a graduate class right now and we are using ning, but as far as I know, I don't think we are using ning privately. How would I know if we are or not? Help! :)

Also, I do know that we are uploading our assignments on ning. How do I do that?
Thanks Elizabeth, your post was most helpful in thinking through the process. I agree with you I am worried about the learning curve, I have built in time to get used to the platform. I will try and introduce it in small "chunks". I like the way you used the forum and teh other sections, thanks for the great ideas, this will really help me in planning!
I am gald you mentioned the private part, I did not think about that when I was setting up the space. I was thinking we can all watch and learn what is going on, but I agree with your thinking about teachers sharing. I think I better go back in and make it private (not sure how to do that, but will figure it out). Great ideas, thanks for sharing!
Most importantly I hope to keep the communication lines open after the class. To me this may be easier than blogging because I will already have an established relationship with the group, maybe after the class I can make it public?

Meg - to quickly learn IM speak, I recommend the Lauren Myracle books with titles like ttfn, ttyl, and l8r, g8r! Soon you'll sound like the girl, not the mom in the commercial about the outrageous texting charges.

This sounds like it has GREAT potential. I'll be lurking around.
Another new language to learn!! Great! Hope I'm better at this than graffiti on the Palm Pilot! thanks for the tip! I am pretty maxed out in Second Life with LOL!
I would like ask the readers of Classroom2.0, about (free) web resources available for access to any student across the world, with full course developed on one lesson of a subject, using all or some of latest technologies (incl. web2.0).
I'm not sure if this is what you mean but I have a Wiki on technology tools most of which are free. http://wiki.usask.ca/db/index.php/Technology_Tools
Great resource!
I am jussstttt contemplating using it to support a short evening course for adults. For my normal training I would prefer to be using Moodle, but outside of my normal teaching work, I have not been able to set up my own Moodle server successfully.

So I am looking at using Ning, but I am not sure it has a useful structured format I could use for the different sessions planned. Interesting reading the comments here.. and I will take notice of some of the thoughts, so thank you for that. Ning is not a tool I would advocate to normal teaching establishments as a solution for their courses, but for one off teaching groups and smaller more 'lose' structured teaching organisations, it might be a more easily accessible solution.
Adam, thank you for sharing your struggle setting up a Moodle server. I will have more to share after my experiences in the next couple of weeks. My class is more informal, so it will be interesting to see how this works!
Stay tuned!
Hi Folks!

I tried to start a simlar discussion. Ning won't take the place of a VLE by itself- but that's what web 2.0 is all about! We don't have to choose wiki over blog over social network- we can have all of them- talking to each other. This is the massive potential- we will be freed from having to use management systems that prescribe the way you teach.

I will be looking into this further.

I agree about using a variety of tools, I better get moving pulling everything together!
Hi Meg, I would be interested to know how users who are not so "techy" feel about NING. I teach teachers from the Archdiocese of Chicago every summer, and although I always encourage them to contact me for further support after the classes, they rarely do. I often see the same "students" at my workshops later in the year or the following summer for a follow up for the development of their skills. I would love a way for teachers to stay in touch with each other as well as myself as they integrate new techniques in the classroom. I'm afraid that teachers who are new or a little nervous about new technologies would be intimidated by this process. What's been your experience?



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