As I was carefully reading a recent discussion on the Refreshed NETS I found myself in need of a tool that I think I have seen but can't identify. There are so many cool tools and until fit them into my daily practice they often get lot in old posts etc.
I use google notebooks to clip quotes but what I really want is a way to actually mark up the post for reflection and to key in questions in context why does he say .....
Then from my questions etc iam prepared to write my own reflection. the same tool would help students doing research...So can anybody tell me what i am looking for?
Thanks.... Hope this wasn't to confusing

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Hi Barbara, maybe JKN is the kind of thing you are looking for. It allows you to mark up pages inline and then share the link to the saved, markedup page. To see what I mean you can click here for a marked up version of your post.
Thanks Susan..this might just do the trick. Thanks too for reading through my typos. That is what I get for posting before my coffee.
believe it or not I didn't notice the typos until you mentioned them :-)
Wow! What a great tool! I just added it to my delicious account. Now I just have to remember that it's there! :)



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