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As a native of "The OC" and a "Son of Westwood," I'm proud to announce that the next Google Teacher Academy will be held in Santa Monica, CA, on May 23, 2007.

With two successful Academies under our belt, Google's FREE training program for K-12 educators is "going Hollywood." The Academy is an intensive, one-day event where participants get hands-on experience with Google's free products and other technologies, learn about innovative instructional strategies, collaborate with exceptional educators, and immerse themselves in an innovative corporate environment. Upon completion, Academy participants become Google Certified Teachers who share what they learn with other K-12 educators in their local region.

50 outstanding educators from Southern California (within 90 miles of Santa Monica) will be selected to attend the Academy based on their passion for teaching, their experience as leaders, and their use of technology in K-12 settings. Each applicant is REQUIRED to produce and submit an original one-minute video, and applications for the event in Santa Monica are due on April 23, 2007.

> Learn more about the program and the application:

So far the Academies have been a wonderful experience for everyone involved with 97% of all attendees rating the Academy as "outstanding."

Here are a few quotes from Academy participants:

"The academy was everything I hoped for and more! I can't wait to plan out ways to use the tools we learned about, to share my experiences with my colleagues and to re-connect with the other academy participants!"

"The focus on innovation in education and not just about the tools was right on target."

"I appreciate the opportunity to be connected to a group of educators that are passionate about preparing students for the 21st century. I feel inspired and able to meet the challenges that lie ahead!"

"Until now, I had never attended a conference where I was so engaged and loving every minute of it."

"This was easily the most important professional development experience I have ever had as an educator. World-class tools demonstrated by world-class people at a world-class facility. THANK YOU!"

BTW - In case you're new to the ITM, my colleagues and I at WestEd coordinate the Google Teacher Academy program with our friends at Google. Cristin Frodella leads Google's K-12 education efforts, and she's the guiding force behind everything. WestEd and its partners, like CUE and Discovery Educator Network, are proud to work with Cristin on this program, and we're excited to see the program reach more educators across the country.

Please spread the word to anyone who may be interested in joining us!

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Boy, I wish this was available in the Northeast. I am planning an October presentation on 20 tools in Google for the classroom teacher. I would love to be part of Google Academy. Alas - too far from Maine.
They held a New York one recently... did you not hear about it?

I'll bet you could find someone who attended and get their notes! I wonder if someone didn't blog on it? I can't imagine that they could cover that much material in one day.
This is so awesome and I would love to attend. It just irritates me that you actually have to attend sessions. With Google trying to be a leader in web 2.0, why would we have to attend in person? I guess I am just jealous. But we are getting a Google server farm close by, maybe they will hold a session for us in rural NC.
I am so excited... I satrted on the application! But then I got to the part about the video and I feel like our Jr High kids...that is like a deer in headlights. The 7th and 8th grade just did a "video' stlye presentaion ( one minute long) on their cultural background and it was tough for them...Now I have to make one ..yikes

I know you can do this! Tell a story--something you are passionate about. You are good at that.
Thanks for the encouragement Steve...I am percolating an idea. I have a steep learning curve to overcome...I do not own a video camera and I have never used movie maker.
Are there any online quick tutorials to help me out?

Google is your friend : Search "movie maker" tutorial

I don't know about the tutorial, but just last month I did this for the first time.

1. I used a friend's digital video camera, then hooked it up via USB to my computer, and in Microsoft Movie Maker was easily able to edit.

2. I'm wondering if you couldn't just get an inexpensive webcam and go to a flash website that records video messages...?
I was at the NYC Google Teacher Academy and it was the most incredible PD event I've ever attended as a teacher.

I nearly DID NOT apply because of the video requirement - in the end, I was not happy with what I came up with (it didn't focus on the kids - couldn't get permission in time) but it got the job done.

Sharon I'd love to connect you with some folks and resources regarding Google tools - I'm co-presenting a similar presentation in May with a fellow GCT. Shoot me an email! I'm kjarrett [at] ncs-nj [dot] org.

I'm big time, jealous. We have a Google facility here in Phoenix and recently had some Google employees come speak to our local Ed Tech group. I'm hoping someday they will offer the program here in Arizona. I'd certainly apply (probably 3 or 4 times :) ) - what an opportunity!

@Kevin - I would love to hear about what and how some people are using the different Google tools (Google earth, Sketchup, even Docs and Spreadsheets). I would also love to hear what else they tossed out at you guys.
Hi Guys. I am really jealous about your access to Google seminars. I don't think we will see any here (Tasmania, Australia) any time soon! I am also interested in what people are doing with the various Google tools. I know some schools who are using Google Sketchup in their Multimedia courses.
Hi -

I am a GCT who helped with the NY event....

Here are a couple of things I can recommend:

1) Google for Educators Group

2) The Infinite Thinking Machine - a collaboration btwn Google and WestEd on education

3) One of my own blog entries with a .pdf of a presentation I made about Google tools

4) Another blog post on SketchUp

5) The Google Earth Teacher Meme - a project I started that is posted in the Google Earth Community web site

Hope this helps,




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