Has anyone tried using Ning with students as a social networking/writing space? I would be most interested in knowing how it went, if it has happened, as I am considering this platform (along with Elgg) for a big online writing space for middle school students. The past two years, we have used Manila blogs and, uhhh, too complicated and didn't do what we wanted.

So if you have used social networking with students, could you give me some advice?


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I'm also interested of hearing how someone used this technology successfully, as I would like to give it a try, too.
I have been using Ning for my ESL/EFL students both in the US and abroad for 3 semesters now. I would like to know more about what others are doing. These are the reasons why I choose Ning: the creator has control over language settings, post dates, etc. The students can personalize their own pages much like MySpace. Students get a user-friendly introduction to technology, perhaps, before they are required to use a more academic site such as Blackboard. And, Ning is free.

I would love to hear how other ESL/EFL teachers are using Ning.

Take care,
I haven't created this ning platform, but i really think it is a good network maker. That's worth trying making one network through Ning.
My experience this semester was remarkable using Ning in the classroom. I just wrote a lengthly post about it, if your are interested: How Ning Social Networks Can Improve University Classes



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