Okay, I've been thinking about this for a few days now even though I really don't have any time to be doing this with it being the last few days of school and all. I've been reading how various people, web2.0 activists, teachers and other techinclined people would like to see more done in schools. So, let's do it. Why can't we begin to use the tools we have to do what we wish we could do? How many teachers would be interested in a collaborative project with others that would enhance the using of the tools in the schools? I'm thinking our school division has a focus on reading so maybe one of my teachers could work in conjunctions with a few others on reading projects - heck even reading books and illustrating them or acting them out and taping. Let's just bring teachers and students together and the tools will be there. Anyone game?

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I am game.
Maybe this summer, a few teachers could do a collaborative project together (without students) to get a handle on some aspect of an application.
This is similar to a project I am facilitating in which a group of teachers are all creating mini-movies based on the letter of the alphabet, and then submitting a blog, and then we are going to collaboratively edit the segments into one big movie using Jumpcut.

(here is our blog site: http://techstories.edublogs.org/ and here is our wiki site: http://dogwritingideas.wikispaces.com/ABCstory

But what if some of us used a Wiki to collaboratively write a story?
We could integrate podcasting files, collaborative editing and writing, and other aspects of this world as an experiment.

That would be a great idea. It would be great if we could have people sign up/on soon. I've created a wiki at pbwiki - www.teach20.pbwiki.com - where people can sign up. I'll blog about this and let people know that it is going on. Maybe we can get something going.
It seems password protected, Kelly.
How shall we get on the wiki?
I think it's great. I'm switching schools in September so I've talked to the teacher who will be taking over one of my courses (Western Civ) and suggested we share lessons and activities on a wiki. He agreed and so we set up the wiki and I showed him how to use it. We hope to extend the plan to other Christian school teachers, but presently don't know anyone else teaching the course.
Me, me, me! Christine and I loved talking with you this afternoon and are very interested in collaborating next year. Let's work this summer. Hooray for like-minded people.
Totally game. Let's try something together. Kevin has something creative going, with the mini-movies for the alphabet. Not sure how to collaboratively write a story, but I'm sure interested in trying. I plan to work with students, too, this summer. Would there be a way for them to contribute?
What about using VoiceThread (http://voicethread.com/) as a platform for some collaboration?
I know a bunch of folks have talked about it here in C2.0 and I have only dabbled a tiny bit with it, but it allows for photos and voice and collaboration, and I would love to see how it works on a larger scale.


For example, we could choose an image that symbolizes some aspect of our teaching lives, or students, or technology, etc, and add our voice narration, while others come in and add their own thoughts. I wonder if VoiceThread allows for multiple people to build a collaborative story, or does one person have to do it ... hmmmm


PS __ OK, I came back and just created a VoiceThread experiment -- check it out and add your voice and thoughts -- http://voicethread.com/view.php?b=2246
Hmm -- can I embed this?

You need to register with VoiceThread in order to post a comment to my thread.
Sorry to have forgotten to mention that.
Hi Kevin, I love voice thread and have found that adults and children alike find it very inviting and user friendly.
Oops! Forgot that it was password protected.
summer07 will get you on the wiki. I should probably direct people here to find the password!

I tried to get something similar going here in Israel, last year when google docs was still called "writely". Unfortunately it didn't really get off the ground as my "techy" network was minute.

Anyway I'm now trying out ectolearning.com "Ecto is a hosted networked Personal Learning Environment (nPLE) that is focused on the student and is fully collaborative, where the learning content can be user-created, user-rated, shared and open."

Have opened a group there, under the name "classroom20" in order to test the different tools. Anyone wishing to join me - just go to ectolearning.com, register and enter the Join code: classroom20

I've also been playing over the last year with different mapping tools, this is one of them you are welcome to add your favorite children's authors to it



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