Next week, I'll be meeting with CTOs to talk about web 2.0 tools and introducing them to some of the exciting, innovative tools available today (including ning and Classroom 2.0). What do CTOs need to know? Let's assume that their primary goal is to make sure that their district is making effective use of technology resources. They make sure everything is running and plan for future use. Are there bandwidith issues? Security issues? Policy issues? Which ones are topping the list? Is the walled garden approach the best bet at this point in the game?

Tell me what you want CTOs to know! Thanks for your help.

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Chief technology officer, I'm assuming?

I don't think I can assume I know much, but what I'm experiencing (as well as countless others) is that I'd sure like CTO's to stop to consider their job within their school district as #1. Is the #1 job to be sure that all kids are safe from all predators at all times?

Or is it to help create an environment where 1) students can learn and flourish with tools that are available out there and 2) teachers feel comfortable coming to IT people for help.

Because as a "lowly" classroom teacher, I'm thinking that those are the things that CTO's should put formost in their minds as they begin to look at the new tools that are available out there. It's terribly frustrating for me to find all the cool tools, only to take them to school and see they're blocked. Heck, we built 2 wikis this year (one on PB wiki and the other on wetpaint) and just a couple of days ago, I see they're blocked now. It's just frustrating. I'm having to teach and allow students to subvert the safety system. That's wrong. It only sets us up at odds with the tech department. Please let them know that the world is changing and we need access to tools.

Oh, and bandwidth is always an issue.
Thanks Ginger! What I'm finding in my research is that probably about 10% of a typical group of people are going to be heavy duty contributors and creators using Web 2.0 tools. So my message is, how can CTOs leverage the 10% of innovators like you to benefit all. Instead of blocking and banning everyone and everything at the first sign of trouble, work closely with the innovators to fine tune and share best practices. Other thoughts?
Karen, howdy! I enjoyed your presentation at the Texas CTO Clinic. Nice job!

Best wishes,

Miguel Guhlin
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