I've had this idea, after watching the response to the Google Teacher Academies, of holding regional/local 1-day Web 2.0 workshops for educators. (I have already talked to the folks running the Google stuff just to make sure they didn't feel I would be competing with them.)

Here's what I was thinking:

1. Organize in certain cities, and have local educators sign up to actually facilitate topics
2. No requirements to come (geared toward newbies)
3. Short on lecture, long on hands-on

Any appeal? Any ideas?

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I think it's a good idea, but since we'd have newbies, the setting would be critical (computers, etc.) Here in Cali we could probably work with CTAP (unless you've had problems with them) and the County Offices. I know some folks at Elk Grove and in my district.
Great idea. No problems with CTAP and County Offices--I'm speaking for Fresno COE this month at a meeting for them. Doing it here would really make a "first shot" very easy to organize! Great idea.
Can we ask them to bring their own laptops?
First, you were talking about doing the meeting up here in Sacramento, or down in Fresno?

Next, we could assume they have laptops, and at my school, most would, but some of my fellow teachers haven't even gotten laptops (they just haven't bothered with it).

Last, if in Sacto I can talk to the ed tech person at my district to see about space (and have her approach my admin about my schools lab --33 CPUs?). Are we thinking about a weekend thing?
I'm on skype at MizMercer if you want to chat...waiting for the webinair
Skype couldn't find you? See if you can add me: SteveHargadon
I think you can ask people to bring laptops and expect things to go well. I tried this at workshops a couple years ago and had dismal experiences. Recently, though, things seem much better. People not only have laptops but mostly know how to use them! ;) (If there is desktop software that needs to be installed though, I'd suggest having them do that in advance, because of admin permissions issues.) BTW, I like the idea of 2.0 academies.
I've done a workshop I call a CyberSandbox. Basically, it's an opportunity for educators to get together and try out various Web 2.0 tools. As you describe, it's very short on lecture and mostly focused on turning people loose to try out different things in an environment where they can get some help, if needed. It's been really well received. So...I think you would get takers on your idea.
Should have added earlier...in WA we have ESDs. They're similar to CTAP in that they're regional offices that are set up to provide PD. I think they'd be willing to host something like this. Also, Texas has ESDs and Arkansas has Coops--both similar to CTAP and WA ESDs.

Another possibility...see if CUE, NCCE, MICCA and other ed tech organiziations would pitch in to support, help find locations.
Great ideas. I have good contacts with CUE and NECC because I run the Open Source labs for their annual shows.
Would it make sense to create a good format for this so that we could then offer to help local ed tech organizations facilitate this kind of a workshop? "Web 2.0 Days?"
Michigan has REMCs, or Regional Educational Media Centers. Good opportunity to use them as a resource.



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