I am teaching a Web 2.0 course this coming Wednesday and would very much appreciate your input regarding “If you could only choose two “educational or edutainment” feeds with which to introduce Web 2.0 to K-12 teachers, what would they be? I was thinking that one feed might be “Lifehacker” . What do you think?

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I would do a Google search or a news search, and then use that as the feed... You could even search something like "Web 2.0 education"--or something more topical for them, like the name of their town or school.
Or give them a taste of Will Richardson or David Warlick...!


There are lots of others, but Downes scans the web for the nuggets and posts OLDaily .. well... daily.

G-Town Talks is a highschool principal in Western New York who is living the vida digita in her own practice. if you're gonna introduce K-12 teachers with only two feeds, one of them oughta be somebody who looks (at least a little) like them.
Here are a couple of ideas that might be helpful.

Photojojo is not an education site, per se, but there are lots of useful ideas for people interested in working with digital photos as many teachers are. Visit http://www.photojojo.com/ to find the feed.

Teachers might not know that many groups in Yahoo and Google have RSS feeds. This groups is fairly busy with people posting lots of educational ideas:

And of course, I must recommend the ITM: http://www.infinitethinking.org/index.html :)
I hadn't seen Lifehacker before. But it looks swell.

I"m not sure that I like your question. One of the functions of an aggregator is to bring everything together so you don't have to make the kind of decision that you are asking us to make. This is my way of saying that there are so many things that I enjoy reading that I couldn't possibly just pick two.

Steve suggested Will Richardson and David Warlick and while I like both of them, David's blog is one of my favorites.

Andrew Pass
Just think of it like a "If you could only take two books to the desert island with you..." question :)
That was exactly the question that was in the back of my mind when I posted this!
Hm, hard to boil it down to two.

For pure edutainment--Teacher Tube? educational--Cool Cat Teacher? The feeds have to be something accessible I think.

Or if you want them to see the potential for use with students--maybe one of the teacher links from Fischbowl?
There are good examples there of different teachers using blogs with their students.

Or what about Jamestown Elementary's podcasts?

I know that is more than two ;)
I don't think I can narrow it down to just two so....
I would have to say Will Richardson, David Warlick, Wes Fryer and Vicki Davis are my regular reads among many others but you only asked for two. (Thank goodness I don't teach math as apparently I can't count.)
I'm doing an NTI (SC's name for brand new teachers' training meetings--New Teacher Induction) session Monday, April 16. I'm planning to do a little David Warlick and Fischbowl. Hopefully I'll whet some appetites.



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