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We are in search of feedback/information from teachers – regarding their experience with online collaboration software/hardware. Specifically, we hope to find out if there is a need for a remote tutoring application that allows teachers to possibly earn money teaching students online and how best to market to this business segment.

We recognize that this crosses the boundary into a commercial area, so if anyone is willing to participate in a survey about this can do so at: http://www.amperordirect.com/c/z-teacher-survey/index.html

We appreciate your time.


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Without entering into commerical area, I would like add that we should look for a platform or website, where teachers can become members (for free) which allows teachers for remote teaching.
I found teachertube.com is one such excellent place. But, I have to yet to see good videos in that site. (Please bear with me, it is only my impression). Are there any websites that host (for free) tutorials / teaching content developed by teachers (may be using Moodle / similar software) ?
check out www.schoolsonweb.com They are trying to offer a similar platform.



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