Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from.

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Hİ everone! I am from Turkey, and I am a physcics teacher. I see that there are many people from different countries in this website. I want to learn the education system of other countries, especially high school education.Is there anybody who can give information about  education in her/his country?

Greetings!  I am a technology administrator at a school district in Texas.  I have enjoyed reading the posts and thought it was about time that I introduced myself.  My district has put a lot of money into infrastructure and has a BYOD program at grades 8-12 that we are moving down to 5-6 next year.  The thing I have found most lacking in many school districts is the professional development (training) support for teachers when technology is rolled out.  We are focusing a lot on training and specifically looking at Web 2.0 tools that can help teachers and students create, collaborate, and problem solve in the real world.

Hi everyone. I'm am audio-visual support technician and web developer at Lane ESD, an education service agency, in Eugene, OR. I found this site in my search for educators using Ning or products like it, with the aim of providing some recommendations for staff regarding a new grant-based program's web presence. I know Ning was kind of a big thing several years ago, but it seems it has lost some of its cachet among schools and school districts because of the move to a pay-only model. In any case, I'll be perusing around looking at the kinds of activity here, but will likely find you all a good resource for how things are used in the classroom.

Hello!  I'm Mariha Shields from Indiana, PA.  I am an instructor at Indiana University of Pennsylvania in the Special Education and Clinical Services department.  I am looking to colloborate on Educational Technology.


my name is Peter and I am from Slovakia. I am founder of - 3D wiki in technical education. System of educational simulations, that helps people understand, how things work. 

I am looking for teachers, feedback and partnership. If you are interested, feel free to contact me.

Hi Peter.  I teach Chemistry and often use simulations in my class to demonstrate concepts on the molecular level.  I would love to see what you could with that.


Hello Kim, could you please send me more information, or more some images/video to see what exactly you simulate? Thank you

Good morning! My name is Amanda Holdsworth and I live and work in the Ann Arbor, Michigan-area. I have worked in educational communications for more than a decade and am planning on taking the leap back into teaching. I originally taught online courses back in 2003 and then later earned a Certificate in Online Instruction. I'm looking forward to learning from all of you!

Hi, my name is Kim Haney.  I am a high school chemistry teacher in the Derry Township High School also know as Hershey HIgh in PA.  This is my tenth year of teaching.  I worked for ten years in industry before teaching.  I am married and have a 15 year old daughter.  I am looking to network for ideas of how to improve my teaching.


I am a Primary and Early Years Coordinator at Beaconhouse School System Steel Town campus. We collaborate with different educational forums to enhance our students learning.  I'd love to increase student communication and collaboration through email, video conferencing, etc. I hope I will get opportunities and get ideas to use technology to make my students independent learners and to suppot my teachers.

Warm Regards,

Samina Naz

Hi everyone. Kusum Rawat here, India. Excited to be part of this group. I am a B. Ed student and looking for opportunities to learn more from you all here.

Hello everyone! I'm currently working on my M.Ed. in English as a Second Language at the University of Mary Washington. I'm looking forward to learning some new things from this community!



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