Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from.

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Hello everyone Myself Ms Usha Sharma a Teacher Educator from India we train the future teachers My present goal is to equip my would be teachers with all the knowledge and skills  that will cater to the students community thereby making the students a good productive happy  human beings in life.I think this is a wonderful platform for collaborating resources.Hope we can do the best for our student s of 21st century    

I am Tiffany Patterson from Maryland. I am currently a Stay at Home Mom and I am working towards returning to the classroom in fall of 2014. Before children, I was a second grade and fourth grade teacher. I am currently a student at UMUC, ED Tech Masters program. 

J Ribera. I am currently living in Utah. I recently graduated in Instructional Technology and help to develop professional development distance learning courses for educators.

Hello Classroom 2.0 Members,

I'm a grad student at University of Maryland University College working towards a masters in eLearning and Distance Education, and we are studying communities of practice. I've got a short paper to write and I chose Classroom 2.0 for my subject. I've spent the past two days perusing the site to gain as much insight as I can. I saw that in 2008 Turadg Aleahmad and his associate were working on a Classroom 2.0 research paper. I searched high and low for that paper with no luck. Does anyone have a completed copy of it that they could send me. I'm also looking for some analysis data such as quantitative data like level of participation (messages posted and read per person/per day/per topic) and volume of messaging, . And if there is anything else you can tell me about how Classroom 2.0 has enabled you to learn and gain knowledge.

Thank you in advance for your help!

Gail Wingate

Hi everyone,

I'm Stephanie, and I'm excited to be participating in conversations about ed-tech and gamification. I'm working with a startup called Classcraft that's a free, browser-based role-playing game that you can overlay onto any lesson plan, subject, and grade level.

I'm looking forward to chatting with all of you! Feel free to get in touch or ask any questions. :)


I am just getting back into the teaching profession after a 9 year break (kids).  Wow have things changed. Just taking a course to reactivate my certificate for Secondary English and El Ed.

Hoping it gets easier as I go!


Hi Kim. 9 years may seem like a lot, but I am coming back to it after many more than that. If you happen to find communities for 6-12 ELA can you let me know? There is a lot here and other education networks. i can see how this will help. i am just foraging through it all.

I know what you mean about hoping it gets easier. :-)

- Mike


I have been part of this website for many years, but I don't remember if I have introduced myself of not.  My name is Egbal Mohamed.  I work at Khartoum American School (KAS) as technology coordinator.  I have been in the IT field for about 12 years and in the education field for about 6 years.  This website has helped me on posting my paper for my Master degree in Educational Technology.  Thanks Steve for making this possible for us.

Hi I am zubia teaching in Beaconhouse School System. I am in this profession since 2002. I did my masters im public Administration major in humanresource. I am keen learner of updating my knowledge with modern tecnology.NoW a days I am engageD in diploma program DTWICT( DIMPLOMA IN TEACHING WITH ICT)


Hi all. My name is Mike Biegner, and I live in Western Massachusetts. I am currently taking MAT classes at Elms College in Chicopee MA and am looking to do a career change. 

I started teaching ELA in NY City right after school, and switched careers in early 80s to IT. I have been doing IT for all this time, and am looking to move back into teaching.

Boy a lot has changed! I currently taking a Teaching with Technology course and looking to find a network of experienced teachers to network with.

Hoping to teach ELA to 7-8 graders, but I will be certified for grades 6-12. Thanks

Hello Thomas,
I am Coordinator of EYs and Primary school. I want to collaborate for grade IV and V in the comming session from Sep 2014 using technology.
If you are interested, we can work on it.
Samina naz

Hi, My name is Tony Rochon and I am a math teacher at Woodgrove High School in Purcellville, Virginia.  I teach Pre-Calculus, AP Calculus BC, and AP Computer Science.  I have an MS in Computer Science, and I am a career switcher who previously developed software.  I am really excited about this web site.  I am interested in creating and teaching online math courses.



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