Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from.

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Last semester my students used a Wikispaces wiki for their electronic portfolios ( This semester they will use PBwiki (

This semester I'm also using another PBwiki site for a class wiki. So far we have some pages devoted to groups (based on certification they'll have as teachers)... one page that lists by initials who is in each group and then an additional page for each group to use. We used those pages this week for some work in class, but my goal is that they use these pages for asynchronous work, also.

One set of pages is for evaluation of our class activities. Another set of pages was designed to help teach particular topics.

When this semester ends, I'll be able to better compare Wikispaces and PBwiki.
Hi. My name is Art Titzel and I'm an 8th grade American Cultures teacher at Hershey Middle School. I'm just beginning to explore using web 2.0 in my classroom. I've signed on here to learn more about how I can use technology in my teaching to engage students and improve their learning opportunities.
Hi, my name is Elise and I teach 6th, 7th, and 8th grade Latin in Alabama. This is my first year teaching full time. And I am interested in learning effective ways to integrate things like blogs, wikis, etc. in my classroom.
Hi, everyone! I’m a graduate student at Pace University. My name is Xiaolan Rong, just call me Rong.

I have been an English teacher in China for seven years before I came here. The course Audio-visual English I composed for English major juniors in 2001 makes me interested in Educational Technology.

Look forward to sharing ideas with you all.
Hi Rong, welcome to c2.0! You may be interested in joining one of the video groups:

Your diverse perspective will be an interesting contribution to the conversation! Welcome again.
G'day everyone. Sue Wyatt from Tasmania, Australia. I'm a middle school teacher hoping to introduce some more Web 2.0 into my classroom this year. Would like to use blogging, wikis and get good use out of the smartboard which will be set up permanently in my room,
Sue, let me know if you would like to introduce blogging to your students by having them comment on my students blog posts. My kids (5th-6th) would be thrilled. You can see out blog here. Start at Recent Posts.
Nancy, thanks so much for the invite. My students won't be back at school till mid-February and by the time I teach some safety rules etc and make sure they all have an email address, it will probably be March before we do any serious blogging. I notice yours is with edublogs, like mine. How did you get the students with a blog page each? My blog
We don't use edublogs, one of my student's dad built the site using Drupal and he serves it on his server. We'll be in school until the end of May so let me know if you want to join us.
OK sorry about that, but I am sure I will get back to you regarding the students blogging and using wikis. After looking at your wiki related to the CSI - cemetery investigation - I think I might be able to do something similar with our community for the students to work on.
Sue, Here's the final project.
Hi, I'm Kristen Fouss, a math teacher in Cincinnati, Ohio. I'm part of a tablet project in my district - a lucky few were issued tablets, wireless projector, and speakers, and have been led on an exploration of what can be possible. I've learned so much already this year and I know so much more is possible! I'm looking forward to finding out how to best use this technology that we have at our fingertips.



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