Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from.

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Rick from PA. I'm an administrator interested in pushing the envelope if it motivates my kids to engage and achieve! Interested in brainstorming, learning, listening, and gleaning ideas...and sharing if asked, of course.
Hi! I'm Lauren Kwan, the Co-Founder of a web 2.0 online tool,, that allows you to build and collaborate on multimedia timelines, using photos, videos, text and sound. A lot of our users are educators from around the world. I'm here to learn about the issues educators like yourselves are all facing in applying web 2.0 tools in your classrooms, schools and districts. I'm also excited to talk with everyone about different classroom 2.0 type initiatives.
I love your timelines! I just added one to my educational podcasting site in my subjects section. I look forward to making many with my history students! Thanks for sharing it!

Sue P
This is a very cool web site. I added it as a link in the homework help section of my own web site.
Hi Dan I agree. After looking at your homework help section, I invite you to take a look at my review podcast site. If you visit the Subjects sections, you will have access to review podcasts and material in many areas. I am adding to it weekly. Your kids can download the materials on their iPods or similar players and listen wherever. It is free and open to all.



Glenn Malone, Elementary School Principal, Puyallup, WA.
Hey Everyone!

I teach Honors Spanish I at middle school, as well as Teen Leadership. I also have a leadership club, where we learn by doing! I just learned early this school year about wikis and how to use them, so I started a social network among my students and then taught other teachers how to use them at my campus. The kids love to do this!! Our next step is to communicate with othe studnets using the Wikispaces Messages.... contact me if you are interested!!

Our school district is very committed to the idea that education MUST change, and we are VERY interested in hosting a Classroom 2.0 conference here near Austin, TX.
Hi Jennifer and Welcome!

You will love it here= Lots to learn and share!

Sue P
Hello All!

I'm an Instructional Technology Resource Teacher in Virginia. Looking forward to sharing ideas and thoughts!
Hi everyone,

My name is Hilary (one L mind you, there is another one who has 2!). ASide from being really interested in politics... Ive been a teacher - adminstrator - and now PhD student. Really interested in teachers and 2.0 technologies and what school leaders can do to encourage them.
We live in beautiful Denver. What a great site! This is wonderful! Thanks for contributing.
Hey there everyone from Morris County NJ! I am a high school biology teacher and I am so excited to be part of this community. As I am writing this I am thinking how incredibly cool it is that this is even possible! Sometimes I get so wrapped up in using Web 2.0 as a tool in education that I forget how totally awesome it is and how many possibilites there are compared to the past! I am excited to discuss applications of Web 2.0 in the high school setting and how to adapt education to the changing world around us :] - Kerry



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