Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from.

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Hi Kerry- I am also high school social studies. You can see my page to see my work in podcasting with my inclusion and at risk kids! Welcome!

Hello everyone, Julia Ault here from Carmarthen, Wales, UK.
I will be finishing my undergrad degree in Information Systems with Management this summer and am studying for my dissertation on informal learning using social networking. I am involved with a local case study on greening business and will also be undertaking theoretical research to underpin the case study.
Hi Elizabeth,
Do you use the school 2.0 map? I had not seen that so am appreciative of the link. How are you using it?
thanks! Hilary
Hi all!

My name is Jeremy Davis and I'm with a company called Calvert Enterprises. I have an absolutely brilliant 5 year old daughter (spoken like a proud daddy) who is starting kindergarten in the fall.

I am very fortunate in that my job with my company is all about thinking up new ideas and seeing if there is a business to built around it. It's really an open canvas which is just awesome.

Right now I'm in the middle of incubating an idea directly related to technology & very early education (pre-k through about 3rd grade). I'm not giving any details yet since I don't want anyone to steal my brilliant idea! ;)

I am a firm believer in building community around ideas to help generate new thought, validate assumptions, even spark controversy. I considered trying to build a community here around what we're doing, but decided to host and build a separate one as I am *really* only focused on this young age group. So much of what I see out there is for older kids, and that makes a ton of sense given how they use technology. But, I think we have something of value for the younger ones and - probably more importantly - their parents and teachers.

The community is called As mentioned, I am hoping to hold educationally oriented conversation there specifically related to our young kids. How does that relate to my work? I'm hoping that in participating in community among like-minded people on the topic, I may glean some nuggets of information to help improve what I'm doing. As I mention on the site, even if it turns out there isn't a business or service that comes out of things, I'm hopeful this will be a great and interesting resource for interested people.

If that sounds interesting, check out the site at

I hope this isn't seen as me trying to poach Classroom 2.0 members!! I am thoroughly enjoying lurking in conversations here and will maybe stop lurking and participating soon. I definitely see my community as very different from this one since it's so focused.

Jeremy Davis
Hi everyone, I'm Talia.

I'm studying to be a primary school teacher, but while I finish that i am working at an electrical company training apprentices via. e-learning.

I am here to learn more about e-learning, about e-learning in TAFE, and about teaching in general. :-)

I'm blogging about what I'm learning at

On the person side I just got married a few months ago, and I blog about what life is like with all that at
Hi Christopher,

I noticed you are from CO and checked out your blog. I spent many wonderful years with LPS and while at EMS sent many students on to LHS. You asked 2 really good questions in your blog:

"So, I want to pose this question to the blogosphere. What do you think? Will “regular kids” by in just because technology is involved?

Also, during the round table discussion the math/science group talked about how we may have to scaffold our kids to get them ready to interact in a professional way in a social network centered around learning. I think this is the challenge that we face and I wonder how others have tackled the issue."

Random thoughts: Most kids want freedom, control, and choice. I think when they understand they will have some of these needs met using technology they will buy into it. Of course, as you suggessted, scaffolding is critical. Students need to know how to do what is expected and it must be broken down for them so they can be sucessful. Why not have lessons on exactly how to interact online? Model the 'professional' expectations and have students talk about what they see on sites such as this one. Modeling is huge! Have your students come up with their lists of 'dos and don'ts 'of how to communicate online so expectations are clear. I believe if you really spend time on this issue - upfront - you won't have problems and kid will buy in.

Good luck!
I have over 15 years of sales and managing experience and always eager to share or help with any that request. I am a family man first and foremost and work by Integrity over money. Currently representing Great America Networks Conferencing. I can help your school or organization communicate more efficiently and cut costs in a number of ways. Audio, Video and Web conferencing is all available.

Great America Networks Conferencing is a premiere provider of audio, video, and web conferencing services at affordable prices. The company was founded out of the desire to provide stellar, “white glove” services at rock-bottom pricing.

Feel free to contact me anytime to talk about how we can help in your conferencing goals.

Anthony Russo
Conferencing Consultant
Great America Networks Conferencing
Phone: 312-432-5377
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Skype: anth.russo
Hi, I'm an IT Co-ordinator at an independent school in Sandton, Johannesburg, South Africa. Most of the teachers in South Africa are IT illiterate and many have never even touched a PC! One of my goals is to get South African teachers IT literate. I currently train the teachers MS Office in the afternoons. I know nothing about Classroom 2.0 but would love to learn so that I can teach others. Please help. Thanks, Bronwyn
P. S. A very sunny "hello" from South Africa!
Welcome! This is a great place to learn and meet people who can give you ideas. I am a high school teacher who has only been into new approaches for about a year, and they have transformed my classroom! I now use podcasting to help my students review, as well as many other new tools. Feel free to look at my work on my site! Teachers can be convinced!

Sue P
I have been in corporate education and training for the past 6 years of my career. Primary focus on workforce readiness and role based competency. My current assignment is the R&D engineering and IT business units.

The ‘audience’ amounts to over 10,000 people around the globe. We have plenty of structured learning to help build competencies, but we are looking to the next level; to connect and collaborate, affect knowledge transfer, promote sharing, talent pooling and more.
EMC leads our industry through innovation

Using Web 2.0 to deliver intuitive and value-added services to this diverse base is my current challenge.

1. Keep pace with the rapid change in high tech, which is constantly changing and becoming more complex. Practitioners are the experts
2. to build greater, deeper and broader expertise in the general workforce
3. to be able to mine the collective expertise to build the next generation of formal learning

I’d be very interested in knowing people with similar challenges and what they are trying or doing to meet the challenge.

We are blogging, doing discussion forums, offer video services, have a vast array of eLearning, simulations, performance assessments, distance delivery, heck , we even have a ferret to help people dig out needed information (get it)?!

Thanx for listening, Ralph
Thanks for including me in Classroom 2.0!

I am a computer professional and also teach my children, and others in a weekly home-school cooperative. Right now, I'm teaching an "Intro to Computing" course - a broad overview - for high schoolers. Last year, I taught an intro course in Python programming. I use Moodle to help with the courses.

I am a Christian, and enjoy family activities, friends and sports. We live in the Indianapolis, Indiana area.

Though we have chosen to home-school our children, we believe there are many different ways to get a good education. Connecting good teachers with motivated students yields great results - no matter how you do it.
Hello from Soultravelers3! We are a homeschool, bilingual family, 19 months into an open ended trip around the world and blog about our experiences. We are using a few 2.0 educational opportunities with homeschool families and teachers around the world, thus looking to find more win/win explorations here. I am particularly interested in finding gifted opportunities but open to anything. I am not that tech savvy, but see the endless opportunities in this!



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