Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from.

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Hi there! I live in Southernmost Illinois - yes....Illinois does go south of St. Louis! :-) Anyway, I have both a Bachelors and Masters degree in Music Education - but....I have taken lots of workshops and classes on my passion - computers and instructional technology. Currently, I teach for a Community College doing both online and onground (hybrid) classes three days a week and the other two, I teach K-5 music and help with technology integration for those grades. Next year, I'm going to be full time at the grade school! I will be doing the K-5 music, but I will "officially" be working with both the teachers and the students on integrating technology in the classroom. I"m very excited about the opportunities coming my way and am VERY much open to suggestions!
Hi! Candace Elmore here from Marshall, IL. I'm a novice in 2.0, but am considered one of the most tech-forward people in my school (which isn't saying much.) I'm a facebook user, originally to check up on my teenager, but discovered some of my former classmates on also, so I'm forming new networks. I supervise the computer lab for grades 3 - 6, and am always looking for new ways to integrate. I think this will be one of my newest tools. I'm really looking forward to learning from all of you.

My name is Nelson, and I come from Portugal. I work as an Instructional Designer at Instituto Politécnico de Leiria. I'm taking a Master in e-Learning Pedagogy, and I'm exploring Ning to use it as a study for my thesis.
Nice meeting you all!
Ning thing... :)
I'm pretty sure I've done this already...I've resisted for some reason the pull to check in on the Ning Thing. I'm not sure why, but I've just not 'gotten' into it. I tried Second Life and it didn't particularly fly with me.

So here goes. My name is Tom Turner. I'm a network/technology specialist for the third largest elementary school in Florida. We are topped out at over 1350 students, with another 2 enrolling today (14 days left and still getting more!). I taught in the middle school classroom (geography) for 5 years before making the jump out of the classroom and trying to teach teachers how to use tech/web 2.0 tools to help teach in their classrooms.

I've become quite an avid blogger/blogreader over the last few months. My personal blog is the Seeking the Wisdom of the Ages blog and my blogline has ballooned to 78 feeds.
Hey, Tom! Good to see you here. :)
Hi Tom
Add another check to your feed list. I just added ya in to my Bloglines. I like what I see there.
Hi All,

I am Dan Wheeler, an Instructional Technology Analyst at Colgate University in upstate Hamilton NY US. I've been in instructional support and system administration in higher ed for about 19 years. I'm currently supporting our Blackboard CMS and our expanding efforts with Web 2.0 technologies.

I first heard about Classroom 2.0 on an EdTechTalk podcast.

Hi! I'm a trade skills teacher in Brisbane, Australia
hi everyone, im a science teacher in a primary school in Singapore. im here to find out for myself what classroom 2.0/school 2.0/learning 2.0 is all about :)
Hi there - this is Paul H ( alter ego Podfather on I teach in Wales and indeed am Welsh born and bred( not a newbie as I have been teaching in the same school for almost 19years!!!!). My current class are aged 7-8 (UK Year 3) we are very much into using web 2.0 tools via podcasting ,as cefnfforest on podomatic, we also blog using Dave Warlick's Landmarks Classblogmeister and have a class blog which we now update every few days live in class. We love to read other pupils blogs and listen to their podcasts leaving comments when we can. Personally I am grateful to the organisers of last years K12Online Conference which gave me the boost that I needed at that time, and also showed me that there were others around the world who thought as I did that these new tools were just what our education system needs - thanks Sheryl and the gang.
Paul H - classroom teacher and ICT Co-ordinator ( it means people need me to mend computers whenever they go wrong!!!! apparently even though it isn't in my job description)
Greetings Classroom 2.0 roomies. I am a recent Grad with a Masters of Ed in Instructional Technology. My earlier education and extensive experience has been in Business, specifically Human Resources, Benefit Management and Administration, Finance/Accounting, HRIS Management and Banking. I am an old geek that first trained on computers using a daisy wheel drum and punch cards, sorters and hoppers. Life was slower then. I was a hold out for Windows because I could get things done just as fast if not faster in DOS. I actually miss DOS from time to time. I can't remember a time when I wasn't working on a computer or trying to figure out a way to make things more efficient and faster within the programs I have used. Now I hope to take the knowledge I have and all that I have recently acquired and see what the kids can teach me! If I can help them learn in an easier, more efficient and effective way then I guess I will achieve some of my goals.

Sista Friend, Jan K.

Oh, I'm in the USA, outside Philly



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