Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from.

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Hello Michael,
Great to see you here. Sounds like you are doing some really cool things that support teaching and learning. Hope to hear more from you.
Welcome, Michael! Do you work directly with any schools? I'm curious at the adoption of your site by teachers you work with. Looking forward to hearing more from you!
Greetings Community,

I am a technology coordinator in San Diego. I stumbled across this web site by "trolling" the internet for resources for technology leaders. WOW! I hope to contribute more than I take away. This is a great resource.

Hi Antwon,
I thought exactly the same thing when I joined Classroom 2.0 - WOW! I lost myself in it for quite a few days. There was so much to learn and try. Look forward to your contributions.

Hi Anton, Agreed! This is a great resource and welcome to this wonderful classroom. This started me off on a great ejourney approximately 8 months ago and I am still on this wonderful journey. Look forward to hearing more from you.
Antwon - so happy you stumbled your way here! There's so much here to learn, but the connections you make with other people is probably the most valuable part. I've formed some great relationships and started projects with many educators I first met on Classroom 2.0. I looking forward to hearing more from you!
*Shocking* photo. :)

I love the angle of your interest. I would imagine that CR 2.0 falls largely in the category of educators doing on their own time outside of their compensated work life--and I've thought a lot about that. Those who participate actively must feel they are getting something personally that is worth the investment of their time. Many, I think, are just motivated and passionate about education, and so maybe don't create too much separation between work/life when here... ?

Would love to hear more about what you discover.
Andy - this is something I'm extremely interested in as well. I've been doing some informal research and blogging about social media/networking/technologies and would love to learn from you. Are you on twitter?
Thanks - just added you on Twitter and added your blog to Google reader - looking forward to learning from you :-)
I teach in a small remorte rural school, and the most important outcome for me, which cr2.0 gave me was a social network - someone I can turn to for advice, share ideas with, connect with and give me global projects that my students can work on. The benefit to my students has been nothing short of amazing. Welcome to this great classroom!
Hello! I am from Indianapolis, Indiana and I am logging on to CR 2.0 for the first time ever! I am looking for ways to use technology in my classroom. My high school is undergoing a redesign and one part of that process is rolling out a New Tech High. I'm eager to learn all I can about how to use students' ease with technology and networking and collaborating to our advantage. I can't wait to learn more!
You'll find it here, welcome aboard!



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