Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from.

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Hello, My name is Amy Cordova. I teach 2nd grade in a growing rural/sub-urban community. I am always looking for new ways to integrate technology in my classroom in order to help meet the needs of all my students.
Hello Amy,
I am one of the hosts here at Classroom 2.0. Welcome to this learning community and I am sure you will find just as useful as I have. I have now been a member for 6 months and have learnt quite a lot. You may like to join in on the forums or even post your own.
Happy exploring'
Hi, I'm Corina from Southeast Texas. I work as a PK-12 math, science, and GT curriculum coordiantor/staff development presenter in a 3A district. I'm taking graduate technology classes and am interested in learning what other educators are doing to integrate Web 2.0 tools into their instruction so that I can share this wealth of information with the teachers in my district.
Hi Corina,
I am one of the hosts here at Classroom 2.0. This is a great place to share and learn about Web 2.0. Take the time to explore other members and forums. Lots of great ideas!

Happy exploring ,

This is Nathan Toft. I currently teaching 5/6 in a k-8 school near Ottawa, Canada. Looking forward to learning more about finding ways to use web 2.0 (what an awful name that is) stuff in the classroom.
Hi Nathan,
Welcome to Classroom 2.0. This a great network for learning and sharing great ideas and resources. There are discussions and posts on just about all web2.0 apps that you can explore,

Love your avatar!
Thanks for the welcome. I'll have to come clean: the avatar was created by my son, who was four at the time.

I look forward to jumping in on a few discussions in the near future.
Hi Nathan, welcome as well. I teach information technology to grades 4 through to 10 and have learnt lots of things to put into each of those classes. Join in the discussions and search through the tags as there is a wealth of materials out there.
Hello All! I am from the Gulf Coast of Texas and am currently employeed in a 2-year college as an instructional technologist in the Distance Edcaution department. I am interested in learning about new technologies and how they can be used to enhance learning.
Hi, Dena. Glad to have you here. Thanks for starting your own discussion!
My name is Lisa Wiebenga Stroschine, from Cedar Rapids, IA. I'm the Academic Technologist at Coe College. I'm interested in keeping up with the unique ways other educators are using these new technologies...especially low-threshold, low-cost applications.
Hi, Lisa! Welcome!



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