Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from.

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Hi everyone,

It looks like there are a few fellow Aussies around here. I have just recently graduated as a primary school educator and I am very excited to pursue my new career path. As my previous background is in IT my goal is to use this to the best of my abilities to educate my students and fellow teachers in the advantages and disadvantages of technology in the classroom.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to joining in!

Hi Ben
Welcome to teaching and Classroom 2.0. I'd give you gold star right away for mentioning that there are sometimes also disadvantages with tech in a classroom. Sounds like your background will definitely help you (and others) avoid some of those.
Welcome Al. It's great that you have found this resource useful. I love VoiceThread too as I can see lots of interesting uses for it with kids.

I'm Tracy Gidinski from British Columbia, Canada, and I teach a grade 6/7 classroom in an elementary school. I'm currently more and more excited about educational technology. I think what excites me most is that the web 2.0 has the capability of breaking down the boundaries between the closed door classroom and allows for greater collaboration.
Hello Tracy. I could not agree more with your statement. In the last few weeks my classroom door has opened and the walls started crumbling as my classes have videoconferenced and blogged live with classes from Canada and the USA (I teach in Australia). It has been produced very powerful learning outcomes. You will find lots to interest you here, so have a good look around, share and enjoy your membership of
G'day one and all. Leigh Newton here. I'm teaching Grade 5 in a PYP school - The International School of Azerbaijan. At the time of writing I'm almost finished the Exhibition (big word in the PYP - in the IB) with my co Grade 5 teacher.

I've come back into teaching 4.5 years years ago after a generation of songwriting and entertaining and have to admit that the first six months were the most traumatic of my life. I was not only returning to teaching, I was teaching in a tough remote rural school in South Australia. I've come a long way since those days. I love how in teaching the learning never ends. Looking forward to the conversations.
Hello Leigh, this has been a really interesting conversation for me to read. I teach in a small rural prep to 12 school in Victoria, Australia and now I will have to go and check our google maps and find out where your school in Azerbaijan is. I also love how the teaching and learning never ends and am now more a facilitator rather than a teacher with all the wonderful technology that is available for us to share.
It is nice to be welcomed, to know that someone out that reads the introductions. I understand that you are probably the volunteer welcoming 'committee' but that doesn't change my response. Lorraine Leo has already written and suggested I check out
I feel very welcome and look forward to more learning.
Hi!! I am Varnika, a middle school teacher in a small city in India. I widen my knowledge of whatever I have to teach by doing a lot of reference work. In the process giving the students that little extra. I have done my masters in Child Development and naturally go into in depth studies of the behavior of children. Newer teaching practices also interest me. I take pride in calling myself an approachable, friendly, understanding and a fun loving teacher, and believe in passing on knowledge in an easy going manner, rather than making the atmosphere of the class rather drab.
I also heard Steve's conversation with Shuchi, really found it interesting, and agree with most of what Shuchi has to say. I am a regular on, which is a forum for teachers, mainly placed in India.
So glad to have you here. :)

Hi everyone... I heard about this site at a proffesional development workshop I was at yesterday... Here to have a look around and see what I can learn. I'm interested in incorporation Blogs, podcasts, ... anything really to add to my teaching.
G'day Bill. Wouldn't want to let you get away without being welcomed. I've just joined as well but already it's been of value to me. There's so much potential for us to help each other out in so many ways and the bigger it gets the more potential. I'm impressed with Edublogs but without drop-down menus on the Dashboard (the admin page for your site) it is slow to learn your way around the menus. They have improved greatly over the last two years.



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