Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from.

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My name is Jim Alvaro and I teach 5th grade in New Baltimore Michigan. I am a new grandpa, having been given a beautiful baby girl named Emma Lynn.

I enjoy teaching and getting kids to figure out how to get an answer with me.

My class and I have an awesome blog call THE SKINNY. Check us out a
Hello Jim and welcome to classroom20. I am just a new grandma as well - well I was 10 months ago. You will find lots to keep you happy here. Web2.0 allows the teacher to be a facilitator which I love to be.
Art Lader here. I am a secondary school teacher in Aiken, South Carolina. I am also a passionate Moodler and am a consultant for Moodlers. This site was recommended by a colleague and I am looking forward to participating here.

Best regards,
Hello Art and welcome to the site. I am sure you will find much to keep you interested and occupied.
Thank you, Anne. I am sure that you are right about that. Looks like a great site and an active community.

(By the way, my post should have said consultant for Moodlerooms, not Moodlers.)

Nice to be here. :-)

Best regards,
Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to say hello and say a big thank you for those who got this site started. I think there are countless opportunities to employ education technologies within my school district.

There are absolutely countless opportunities here and I love the fact that so many members come from so many countries, cultures and backgrounds but we all have a common purpose. I still keep coming back to see what the latest discussions are about and there is always something new to be learnt or shared.
Hi, I just stumbled on this wonderful blog/forum and decided to sign up. I teacher K-5 students media literacy skills. I also collaborate with open and willing classroom teachers to integrate the skills learned with their classes. Available planning time is often the issue. I live in the Northeast and save retired greyhounds. I have four of my own names, Mystery, Lion (Cowardly Lion), Webster, and Wizard. Yes, the names were picked...their racing names were worse. How about Redbud Diablo. Well I guess that;s me, except that I am outgoing, peppy, serious yet laugh and joke a lot too. Lastly, I'd rather buy books than clothes or food. It's a sickness ....OCD for bookworms. LOL Have a GREYT weekend, Wisteria
Hello Wisteria, I like your sense of humour and welcome to classroom20. You will find lots to keep you busy here, so enjoy your time looking around and enjoying all the online material that can be found here.

Hi Anne...I'm just getting back...sorry for the delay. I had a family wedding that was somewhat princess like. I kept looking for the fairy godmother to flitter down from the ceiling, until I realized I was the "Fairy God Mother." Actually, it was an awesome wedding on Cape Cod. Where are you from? I am excited about this site. I am a member of NING. I have a book blog
and a tech blog..sort of in a prenatal stage. You can look at it though. I would love your opinion if you wouldn't mind.
Talk soon....thanks for responding. Nice to meet you.
Welcome John! I have just started learning about all of these things myself. I am trying to familiarize myself with the technology, as well as figure out how it can help my middle schoolers learn to read, write , speak and listen better in English.
Hello John, I love all the tools you have mentioned - blogs wikis, nings etc but even though there is so much to learn, they are powerful learning tools and if you take small steps with someof them, you will soon realise the applications for classroom use. However, the learning will continue on, as new tools and ways of using them are discovered. Welcome to this wonderful classroom!



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