Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from.

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Hello Gail - a warm welcome to you. There are so many resources here and you will find lots to keep you busy with web2.0.
Hi everyone. I'm a graduate student currently working on the development of the Scratch Online Community, a place where kids and novices can share their own games, interactive art and digital stories created in the Scratch programming language. We're organizing a conference for educators, researchers, developers, and other members of the worldwide Scratch community. If you use Scratch or are interested in learning more about it, we hope to see you here at MIT this summer!
Hello Andres and welcome to I have recently attended a conference where I sat in on several sessions involving scratch - how to use it, possible applications and outcomes from junior to quite senior students. So, I am very impressed with it and want to use it next semester with my classes. All the best with the planning for your conference. Will there be anything offered online?
Hi All Lisa Dumicich from Melbourne Australia here. Have been lurking for a little while and have finally bitten the bullet and joined.
Hello Lisa, great to see more Australians join this classroom. Enjoy your time on this site.
So hi ... my name is Martin Jorgensen. I'm in Melbourne Australia.

I'm a third year pre-service teacher. I have a background in professional writing, usability and design ... and I'm fascinated by new ways of introducing narrative to students from p - 12.

Last year I built ... a site about story, with buckets of resources for students writing at home, and for teachers - with a teaching portal that includes lesson plans, electronic whiteboard pages and a lots more.

This year, I'm building ... a website about building stories using digital media - ipods, SMS, mind maps, online calendars, wiki's ... you name it.

I'd love to hear from anyone interested in contributing to the project, or has experiences they'd like to share.

Martin J
I am a Social Pychologist working on social networks and new technologies in Madrid, Spain. I would like to learn well how to connect digital video and visual learning in long life learning. Take look to my blog at
All the best
Luis Lizama
Welcome Luis. Sounds like you'll have a great perspective to add here. Enjoy!
Hi Adina
Thanks for your welcome
Let's keep in touch
I am a guidance counselor in a 2000 student comprehensive high school. I once taught computer skills to middle school students. I am very interested in the web 2.0 options and their capabilities of opening access and collaboration.
Kevin Carter
Weymouth High School
Weymouth, Massachusetts
Hi Kevin. Welcome to Classroom 2.0. I think you'll find a lot of resources and ideas here re: access and collaboration. Collaboration is an especially hot topic.
Hi there! This is all new to me so I'm just checking in as a beginner. I'm from Indianapolis, IN and am seeking ways to connect to my college students and to bring an organization ( into the next century. I'm using this experience as a good learning tool. Suggestions are welcomed and accepted.

This site looks very much like another one I'm on.



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