Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from.

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I have been teaching at Farwell ISD (Farwell, TX) for 27 years. I have taught 6-8th grade mathematics, 10th grade Biology, Algebra I, Theater Arts, Life Managment, and for the past 10 years, Technology Applications 6-8th grades. I am now the district technology director.

I am married to my husband, Joe. We will celebrate our 37th anniversary in July. We have one daughter, Kris; a son-in-law, Steve, and 2 beautiful granddaughters; Brinn and Brooke.

I am participating in a workshop through our regional education service center. It is titled Boot Camp Web 2.0,
Hi, Lisa Reed here! I have spent quite a bit of time checking things out and I am excited about the potential of this site! Thanks Steve for starting things up!

I teach middle school (8th grade) math in Evergreen Colorado. We have been quite a bit behind the times in a technological sense for some time! I have been working with staff and admin to get our school on track with technology! Thanks for any help you can be!
My name is Lisa and I was drawn to Classroom 2.0 because I have started introducing edu-blogging into my science classes:

Churchill Science

I'm a learning specialist and adjunct professor who teaches a hybrid online/in person class for the graduate school where I got my teaching degree. I'm thinking of using Ning to set up an alternative to the "online homepage" that the school provides and which I find clunky and overly linear.

Looking forward to all the resources that this site has to offer!
Hello Lisa, I think it is great that you are using a blog for your science class. Our science teacher does as well. We have also set up a school homepage using the blog as interface. Our technician created our formal home page, but only comes into school once or twice a week. At least with the blog, several of us can manage and edit it as required. If you are interested in looking at it, it is at All our teacher and class blogs are linked from there. I would be interested in knowing which platform you use and then, how it progresses.
Wow Anne, what a great site! It is clear that a lot of work has gone into it - so much content to look at. We are just starting out at my school, mainly using Most of the teachers right now are using the blogs to give out homework assignments and study reminders - whereas my students don't receive homework from me, and therefore I am using the site more to catalogue work we've done and communicate with the families.

Edublogs has a paid membership service that the school is currently looking into - but for now I'm happy with my little corner of the internet, and as long as the kids are on board with me I'm confident that they'll keep pushing things forward.
Hi- I'm Emalee Owens from Farmville, VA. I'm an ITRT (Instructional Technology Resource Teacher) at a local middle school. I'm also teaching a "Media & Technology in Education" class to pre-service teachers at Longwood University.
Welcome Emalee
This is definitely a place that may be helpful to you and your per-service teachers
Hello! I’m the director of information technology and research for a state agency with responsibility for the certification, preparation and conduct of certificated personnel employed in public schools. While I am not trained as an educator, I have taught continuing education and college, and have been an IT director on a campus of a private university.

I’m interested in the potential impact of Web 2.0 on government and public education. I am especially interested in the effect the social networking technologies may have on the interactions between educators and students both in and outside the classroom and on the interactions of educators with the communities in which they serve.

Also, most state governments have some sort of “approval” system for educator preparation programs; we know what to do with “brick-and-mortar” programs, but I don’t hear a lot of forward-thinking about the approval of online educator preparation programs. I’d like to help inform that discussion.

Background – twenty-plus years in information technology (anyone remember BITNET or Gopher?) Database architect and software developer (SQL Server, Visual Basic, etc.).
Welcome to Classroom 2.0 Chuck
You have mentioned an issue that is starting to be talked and written about. Here is an article you might be interested in from American School Board Journal entitled "How Schools Can Use Social Networking".
Hello, my name is Jennifer Dible. I am a science teacher at a charter school for students with ADHD, ADD, and Asperger's syndrome in Toledo OH. Last year was my first year teaching. It was a tough by very rewarding experience.
Hi Jennifer.
Congratulations on making it through the first year and seeking out resources like Classroom 2.0. There are a number of really good people here who work primarily with Special Education students. You might want to take a look at the The Inclusion Revolution - Technology in Special Education group. you'll find Groups on left-hand side of the main Classroom 2.0 page.
Welcome John
You can find some great discussion threads here that should be helpful in informing or inspiring ideas for your program.



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