Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from.

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Hello folks! I am Chris Beedham from Warrington, England where I am Primary ICT Consultant. Constantly on the lookout for innovative ideas using ICT which I can share with colleagues, teachers and pupils I work with. Looking forward to being a part of what looks like a lively community!
Hi! I'm Michelle TeGrootenhuis, but the kiddos call me "Mrs. T.G."

I love teaching 5th grade at a small school in NW Iowa. Before I switched to 5th grade, I taught 2nd grade for 12 years. I'm also our district's K-5 Reading/Lang Arts Curriculum Specialist.

My family and I live on a farm which my husband manages. I have two kids, a daughter in middle school and a son in elementary.
Hello friends!

I'm ilana Bittner from Columbia, MD, a community created in the "new town" design of the 1960's. Located between Washington DC and Baltimore, people move to our community for the schools... that's the #1 reason as tracked by realtors. Yet, as a parent, I see many of the same challenges as other districts. I believe we're falling behind in innovative teaching and learning, with our school system's growing fear not to mess up what we already have.

I'm also a media producer at Pixel Workshop, a media studio with e-learning clients like McGraw-Hill, Prentice Hall, and Harcourt. We also just completed our first independent production called TripFLIX, a DVD for kids and families.

Looking forward to leaning and sharing.
Hi, my name is Jacques Cool, from New Brunswick, Canada. I've been involved in distance learning since 2001 and have been in the francophone Public education for 22 years, doing different things, mostly at the HS level. I must say that e-learning has provided me with the most exciting work experiences mainly because I've been surrounded by great colleagues and hey, this is where to be when thinking 21st-century learning and the impact of ICT. This is my fourth, no fifth, Ning community; great tool!

Merci et au plaisir d'échanger avec vous tous!

I teach ASTRONOMY and BIOLOGY at Kimberly High School in Wisconsin. I am interested in learning and sharing about these two courses.
I am Tom Anderson, from Crookston, Minnesota. I am forever looking for new resources to use to improve my teaching. I teach the physical sciences and earth science at a small rural school. I have just completed my 5th year of teaching and I am working towards a masters degree in science education.
Hi Jeanine,
Welcome to Classroom 2.0. I think you may find this clssroom useful for your homework!
My name is Tim Owens and I'm married to Emalee Owens. I work in IITS at Longwood University in Farmville, VA and I am currently obtaining my masters in Instructional Technology from Virginia Tech. My wife and I blog at Changing Ed and I regularly do videocasting over there was well.
Sounds like a worthwhile blog to look at Tim. Hope you like it here.
My name is Debra Giannone. I am the librarian at Long Island Lutheran Middle and High School. My administrators have decided that I should take a more active role in the technology at my school. When they first asked me I was a little nervous but now I that I have learned about some web 2.0 tools I think I will be OK.
Hi Debra,
I'm sure you will be fine! There is a lot of info and ideas here in Classroom 2.0 for you to try out. You can also follow people in their blogs and on twitter to learn more.
Helen :-)
I've been a member of Classroom 2.0 since last summer but haven't made the time to visit too often.
Since things are a bit lighter for a while, I think that I'll spend some more time throwing in those 2cent pieces.



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