Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from.

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I teach ASTRONOMY and BIOLOGY at Kimberly High School in Wisconsin. I am interested in learning and sharing about these two courses.
I am Tom Anderson, from Crookston, Minnesota. I am forever looking for new resources to use to improve my teaching. I teach the physical sciences and earth science at a small rural school. I have just completed my 5th year of teaching and I am working towards a masters degree in science education.
Hi Jeanine,
Welcome to Classroom 2.0. I think you may find this clssroom useful for your homework!
My name is Tim Owens and I'm married to Emalee Owens. I work in IITS at Longwood University in Farmville, VA and I am currently obtaining my masters in Instructional Technology from Virginia Tech. My wife and I blog at Changing Ed and I regularly do videocasting over there was well.
Sounds like a worthwhile blog to look at Tim. Hope you like it here.
My name is Debra Giannone. I am the librarian at Long Island Lutheran Middle and High School. My administrators have decided that I should take a more active role in the technology at my school. When they first asked me I was a little nervous but now I that I have learned about some web 2.0 tools I think I will be OK.
Hi Debra,
I'm sure you will be fine! There is a lot of info and ideas here in Classroom 2.0 for you to try out. You can also follow people in their blogs and on twitter to learn more.
Helen :-)
I've been a member of Classroom 2.0 since last summer but haven't made the time to visit too often.
Since things are a bit lighter for a while, I think that I'll spend some more time throwing in those 2cent pieces.
Fantastic! Look forward to hearing what you are doing.
Hello! My name is Cathy! I am a second grade teacher in the state of Pennsylvania. I learned about Classroom 2.0 after taking an online graduate course in E-Learning. I am a relative newbie to web 2.0 but look forward to exploring the possibilities with my students.

I love to colloborate with other elementary school teachers and look forward to learning and growing together in our experiences.

Welcome Cathy. I was a newbie less than 8 months ago. This is a great place to start out and learn what others are doing.
Hello I am Desiree from Hobbie, PA ( a town w/ a population of less than 50). I am a chemistry teacher of 7 years and an avid horse woman. I love to laugh and will incorporate it into my classroom at every possible opportunity. Looking forward to becoming part of classroom 2.0.



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